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About the IT Program at Fremont

The ultimate goal of our IT program in Fremont is to prepare students for entry-level employment that can lead to a rewarding career in the field of Information Technology (IT). Located in Fremont, California, our Information Technology program can be completed in as little as 9 months. Taught by experienced professionals, our rigorous program combines in-class instruction, hands-on lab exercises, and a supervised IT externship. The IT courses at Unitek will prepare you for an entry-level position as a Computer System Support Specialist, Helpdesk Technician, Desktop Support Technician, and many other amazing IT job opportunities.

Graduates of the Fremont IT program may also be qualified to take several IT certification exams. Such credentials are not required to graduate, but may be of value depending on a student’s particular career goals. Our faculty are readily available to advise students seeking such professional certifications.

Fremont IT Program
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What You’ll Learn

The IT program teaches you the basics of computer technology. Our accelerated IT courses include numerous topics, such as network security & support, PC hardware, and software troubleshooting. Other important topics include:

  • Office Suite Support
  • Basic Networking Essentials
  • System Security
  • Windows Desktop Essentials
  • Windows Server Essentials
  • IT Externship

If you enjoy problem solving and fast-paced work environments, then IT support could be a great career choice for you. Information Technology professionals help companies and individuals resolve a host of technical issues concerning their computer systems, software applications, network setup, and cyber security. Our program in Fremont will equip you with the skillset to meet all of these challenges.

Admissions Requirements for the Fremont IT Program

Before applying, we encourage you to review our IT program’s admissions requirements. They include the following:

1 Career planning session & admissions interview

2 Obtain proof of high school diploma or equivalent

3 Entrance exam

4 Unitek application

5 Enrollment agreement

6 Financial preparations

7 IT Program Information

IT Program with a Career-Driven Curriculum

Graduates of our program can enter the IT field in less than a year. By earning your IT diploma with Unitek, you will gain working knowledge about computer systems, software applications, and network support. You will learn how to work individually and as part of a larger technology team. Lastly, you will be qualified to pursue industry-recognized certification exams.

Our program can prepare you for various career paths in IT. For instance, graduates could work as Helpdesk Technicians or Computer Support Specialists. These types of jobs usually support companies in the following ways:

  • Providing technical assistance
  • Answering computer-related questions
  • Overseeing the performance of various computer systems
  • Installing computer equipment for employees

Our program can also prepare you to work as a Network Support Technician. These professionals are typically responsible for configuring security settings, analyzing network data, and conducting network maintenance. They also provide further support by troubleshooting network systems and identifying the causes of various problems as they arise.

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That is what i like about them (Career Services). They never stop sending you referrals. And it led me to my first IT job right after I graduated.

- Joseph E. (2019 IT Program Graduate)

Unitek College Campus

The Fremont Campus

At our Fremont campus, we provide unique hands-on training for our students. Each individual is supported according to their needs. Our instructors are also friendly and approachable. With a mix of classroom training and hands-on labs, our IT diploma program introduces and reinforces the common tools that you will need to support computer users in the modern age.

In previous years, our IT students completed a hands-on practical exam that involved dismantling and reassembling a computer. They began by unplugging all cords and removing the computer’s outer shell. Students were then required to remove all components, including the power supply, RAM, hard drive, and motherboard. By breaking a PC down into parts, students learned firsthand about the fragile connections required to maintain a functioning computer. This is just one example of our hands-on approach at Fremont.

Hands-On IT Lab

The well-furnished IT lab at our Fremont location greatly serves our students. We believe simulation training is vital for your success. In addition, most of our students have been thrilled with their experience. The skills they learn each day translate to a broader understanding of computer technology that has proven invaluable throughout their careers.

Student Support

Aside from our industry-leading IT training, students at our Fremont campus benefit immensely from the support they receive by our career services and financial aid teams. In particular, our career services team can help prepare you for an externship, providing you with critical feedback regarding your career and growth opportunities. Our team strives to help you find your first job, which may include job referrals and career counseling.

As challenging as the program was, the staff were always very supportive and kept us motivated.

- Edward M. (2019 Unitek Graduate)

Campus Location

Framed by sunny skies and gradual mountainous views, our Fremont campus is located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. It lies near the arterial I-880 highway at 4670 Auto Mall Parkway. In addition, our campus sits in a safe area of the city with several nearby establishments. These include a performing arts studio, a fitness center, and several eateries.

Fremont Campus
Phone: (888)-775-1514
4670 Auto Mall Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538

Our expansive campus is located on a bustling street in Fremont, California. It is also near a major highway, several public transportation routes, and various local restaurants. The campus itself houses a number of other programs, making it an ideal location for access to faculty as well as the latest technology. Our IT laboratory was recently updated. It now contains new equipment and supplies to better meet the needs of our students.

Information Technology, like all career fields, needs diversity in order to innovate, imagine, and grow, which is why we welcome and encourage all applicants. The status quo won’t change by itself, and we are here to provide you with the necessary skills to become part of that change.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Our IT program can be completed in as little as 9 months. This means you could change your career in under a year’s time. It is ideal for those who want a fresh start but cannot spend more time in school.

Student fees can vary depending on individual circumstances. However, various financial aid options are available to students who qualify at Unitek. For more information, please reach out to an admissions representative.

Yes, we do! At our Fremont campus, you will find a student lounge designed for your success. You will also find a well-stocked library and helpful staff.

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