Medical Assistant Program Overview

If you’re looking for online Medical Assisting programs, we offer a hybrid-online MA training program at Unitek College that equips students with the necessary skills and experience to excel as a Medical Assistant. The curriculum emphasizes both administrative and clinical skills and includes extensive instruction in medical terminology, medical office procedures, medical and clinical procedures, basic anatomy and physiology, and special duties common in the field.

Students currently learn through a combination of virtual instruction, hands-on lab exercises, and supervised externship hours. Those who are considering school to become a Medical Assistant would have a great opportunity to advance their careers at Unitek.

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What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

A Medical Assistant program provides a solid foundation for gaining the required knowledge, skills, and experience needed to excel as a Medical Assistant.

Medical Assistants are multi-competent health care professionals who are involved in administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices, clinics, and laboratories of physicians running smoothly.

Out-of-pocket costs for Medical Assistant training can vary depending on your individual situation. There are a variety of financial aid options available to students. Reach out to an admissions representative for more information.

The MA curriculum emphasizes administrative and clinical skills and now includes online instruction in medical terminology, medical office procedures, medical and clinical procedures, basic anatomy and physiology, and special duties common in the field.

For most accredited Medical Assistant programs, a student can typically conclude their training in one year. However, the Medical Assistant program at Unitek College can be completed in as little as 9 months.

Medical Assistant graduates may be eligible to take various professional certification exams. These include the NCCT exam for the National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA) credential and the American Medical Technologists (AMT) to earn the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) credential. Medical Assistant certification is not a graduation requirement in California but may be of value depending on a student’s career goals.

Medical Assistants work in a variety of healthcare environments. These include but are not limited to: physician offices, private healthcare facilities, hospitals, hospital clinics, laboratories, health industry providers, independent clinics, and industrial firms requiring healthcare personnel.

Medical Assistant salaries can vary depending on the location, employer, and experience of an individual Medical Assistant. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for Medical Assistants was $36,930 as of May 2020.*

Please note that wage data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) or other third-party sources may not be an accurate reflection of all areas of the country, may not account for the employees’ years of experience, and may not reflect the wages or outlook of entry-level employees, such as graduates of our program. (accessed on 11/15/2021)

Demand for Medical Assistants

After receiving Medical Assistant training through Unitek, students will be prepared for employment in the healthcare field. Demand for Medical Assistants is expected to grow 18 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.1 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as the baby-boomer population ages, demand for preventive medical services will increase. In response, doctors will hire more assistants for perform routine administrative and clinical duties, allowing the doctors to see more patients.

Medical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

What Does a Medical Assistant Do: Aspiring Medical Assistants should understand the vital role that Medical Assistants play on the healthcare team. Not only do they typically promote positive attitudes, but they also assist other healthcare professionals and act as a source of comfort for their patients. More often than not, Medical Assistants are the first and last face a patient will see during their visit. Ultimately, Medical Assistants support their patients, their colleagues, and their community.

Administrative duties: Medical assistants answer telephones, schedule appointments, greet patients, update and file patient charts, order supplies, arrange for hospital admission and laboratory services, handle billing, collections, and bookkeeping.

Clinical duties: Clinical duties vary according to state law and may include taking medical histories and recording vital signs, preparing patients for examination and assisting the physician during the examination. Medical assistants may also telephone prescriptions to a pharmacy, collect and prepare laboratory specimens, and sterilize medical instruments. In addition, Medical assistants are often responsible for preparing patients for x-rays, taking electrocardiograms, removing sutures and dressing changes. Medical assistants should not be confused with physician assistants who examine, diagnose, and treat patients under the direct supervision of a physician.

Where Medical Assistants Work

  • Physician offices
  • Private health care facilities
  • Industrial firms requiring health care personnel
  • Hospitals
  • Hospital clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Health industry providers
  • Independent clinics
  • Private duty

Enrollment Process

The enrollment process for Unitek College can be completed entirely online. To enroll in the Unitek College Medical Assisting Program, a prospective student must complete the following steps:

  • Career planning session and admissions interview
  • Submit proof of high school education or equivalent
  • Entrance assessment test
  • Admissions application
  • Enrollment agreement
  • Financing arrangements and, if applicable, all documents needed to obtain an official award letter for Federal Student Aid

Medical Assisting Campus Locations

Contact any of our campuses to learn more about how to become a Medical Assistant or to enroll in the program.  Your future starts at Unitek College.