Reno Campus

Our campus in Reno occupies the first and second floors of a professional office building in the sunny state of Nevada. Spacious and sleek with blue-tinted windows, our Reno campus is located near the I-580 freeway. It’s also adjacent to public transportation, lies within walking distance of the Meadowood Mall, and maintains ample parking for students and faculty.

At our Reno campus, you can gain a well-rounded education that will prepare you for a successful healthcare career. In addition to offering an accessible location, our campus provides you with an active learning classroom experience. Not only does this include hands-on exercises, but access to medical equipment as well as simulation labs.

In our simulation center, you will find high-fidelity simulators and sim-view technology, including a Medical-Surgical Nursing Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The simulation rooms have a separate control room with one-way mirrors. Cameras are mounted in patient rooms and provide a panoramic view of the area. All of our simulation rooms have an attached debriefing room that allows up to eight students to observe and critique a classmate’s performance.

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