Medical Assistant taking vital signs

Step-by-Step Guide to Take Vital Signs

What does it mean to take vital signs? Learn about the procedures, steps, risks, and requirements for taking vital signs. Vital signs are essential to any treatment or diagnosis in healthcare. In addition, they are a tool for medical professionals to measure a patient’s health. Generally, vital signs include pulse, respiration, temperature, and blood pressure. […]

Medical professional handling equipment

Step-by-Step Guide to Sterilizing Equipment

What does it mean to sterilize equipment? Learn about the procedures, steps, risks, and requirements for sterilizing equipment. Equipment sterilization is perhaps the most critical procedure in healthcare. The need for sterilization may sound obvious, but it’s a step that cannot be skipped. In dental care, a medical professional disinfects the equipment with either steam, […]

Dentist examining X-rays of teeth

Step-by-Step Guide to Dental X-rays

What are dental X-rays? Learn about the procedures, steps, risks, and requirements for dental X-rays. Dental X-rays are a simple yet highly effective tool in oral health care. They are just as vital as regular teeth cleanings and checkups. Dental X-rays, or radiographs, are images of your teeth that offer clues to your overall health. […]

Close up of a patient's teeth cleaning

Step-by-Step Guide to Teeth Cleaning

Learn the procedures, steps, risks, and requirements for teeth cleaning. Teeth cleanings may not be the highlight of a dental worker’s day. They certainly aren’t a joyful occasion for the patient. However, teeth cleanings are more than essential to a patient’s overall health. Mastering this skill will provide a much better experience for dental professionals […]

Young professional holding dental tools

What Do Dental Assistants Do?

Learn about the most common Dental Assisting duties, responsibilities, and procedures Dental Assisting can be a rewarding career path. Not only do Dental Assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks, but they strive to make life easier for patients and other oral health professionals. If you are passionate about using your hands and helping others, Dental […]

Young medical practitioner on the phone

Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Appointment Scheduling

Learn the procedures, steps, risks, and requirements for medical appointment scheduling. Medical appointment scheduling is one of the most crucial components of a patient’s visit. Not only can proper medical appointment scheduling create loyal and engaged patients, but it can also increase staff productivity, lessen front office distractions, and reduce other expenses. In addition, it […]