At Unitek College, we’re committed to developing the most skilled and caring medical practitioners, support staff and IT professionals. Our students leave satisfied with their experience and fully prepared to enter the workforce. See what some of our graduates have to say about Unitek College.

I am so excited to become a nurse and I feel more than ready to pass NCLEX and get my License… can’t wait for this campus to bring the BSN program,  so I can come back and continue my education!

Elizabeth B. – VN Program, Bakersfield

Unitek is the best. They have helped so many students and graduates, including me personally.  My teachers and staff believed and shaped me into a better person than before. They helped me through mock interviews, especially giving me a boost of confidence before my externship started, and all the way until I finished. Everyone from Unitek Staff, thank you guys. From start to finish you guys were always there to help.

Joselyn G. – MA Program, San Jose

Finished the LVN program at Unitek San Jose and it was fun but challenging. Very friendly and staff members are great. As challenging as the program was, they were always very supportive and kept our motivation going.

Edward M. – VN Program, San Jose

The team at career services prepped me for my externship, sharing their honest opinions regarding career and growth. Even after you graduate, they will still help you and send you job referrals, that is what I like about them. They lead me to my first IT job right after i graduate. 

Also, I would like to acknowledge Mr. Bill, Mr. B, and Mr. Potter for being the best teachers. I really stepped up my game because of the teachers I had. I learned a lot of real stuff from them, not only book knowledge, but the reality behind the IT world. 

Joseph E. – IT Program, Fremont

Graduation Ceremony

I have spent much time in this school, pre reqs and VN/MA classes. Unitek has some really genuine, intelligent and positive people who always tried their best to help me with ANYTHING I needed to help me succeed.

Financial aid and student services are WONDERFUL. Being forgetful myself, I swear the team from financial aid was on top of everything – helpful, rational and straight to the point. Plus they were always willing to make time for me. 

Our campus director has an open door policy. My journey was rough and she was always making sure she can find a way to help me. Even by her just checking in on me to make sure I was okay, I was always able to speak to her about anything. She cares about Unitek and the students so much.

As long as you are dedicated, follow the rules and put your 100% you will pass, they do not want you to fail. 

Elizabeth L. – MA & VN Programs, Hayward

When I first started the VN program at Unitek, I didn’t know what to expect. I do have to say though it has all paid off. Career services was really helpful with our resumes and mock interviews and thanks to them I was able to get a lot of job offers.

Kimberly L. – VN Program, San Jose

My experience there was very good and I felt like I could be myself and grow the way I wanted.  

Tiffany M. – MA Program, Hayward