Online Nursing Education at Unitek College

At Unitek College, we offer several online nursing classes to better serve you and your busy life. Busy adults with full-time jobs or families can still pursue their dreams. Online courses allow you to attend class when it’s convenient for your schedule. The only equipment you need is a computer with internet access. This online global platform is just a few clicks away.

Our online nursing classes have many of the elements you’d expect from a traditional classroom setting. These include assignments, quizzes, regular attendance, and group discussions.  You can also meet with your instructors and program directors via video conference at any point in the semester. Our instructors have weekly office hours, and their contact information is made readily available. All this information posted for easy accessibility.

Benefits of Online Nursing Classes

  • Flexible learning environment
  • Work a full time job while getting your degree
  • More time to complete assignments
  • Attentive and experienced instructors
  • Helpful discussion boards
  • Attend class when it suits your schedule
  • 24/7 technical assistance by phone, chat, or email

Online Nursing Programs and Degree Paths

At Unitek, we offer online classes in some of our nursing programs to better serve our students. Some of our programs and paths can be completed 100% online.

Associate of Science in Vocational Nursing (ASVN) Degree: With an ASVN degree, Vocational Nurses can further round out their knowledge and skill set. Our program builds on the Vocational Nursing diploma by adding online General Education and science courses. These courses are also 100% online, allowing you to receive the full virtual experience. In as little as 12 months, you could graduate with greater scientific knowledge, enhanced critical thinking, and improved verbal & written communication skills. 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree: Our BSN nursing program can create a foundation for career advancement, management positions, and higher salaries. Some courses under our BSN program are offered online, though it depends on your chosen BSN pathway. For instance, the full option is a three-year program that includes online nursing courses in pathophysiology, evidence-based practice, information technology in patient care, and more.  It also includes hands-on lab classes which require you to be on campus. 

Online RN-to-BSN Program: Through our RN-to-BSN program, you can transition from an Associate Degree RN to a BSN-trained nurse. These 100% online courses will prepare you for nursing leadership roles and higher-paying jobs. Additionally, a BSN degree is often a prerequisite for teaching, administrative, consulting, and research roles. Graduate from our RN-to-BSN program in as little as 12 months.

LVN-to-BSN Pathway: If you are a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) with an Associate Degree in Vocational Nursing or have taken the required General Education courses, you may apply for Advanced Placement status in our accelerated BSN program. This would allow you to skip the first year of your bachelor’s program and advance your nursing career in less time. Some of our online nursing courses for LVN-to-BSN include subjects like pathophysiology and information technology in patient care. Doors open for nurses with a BSN degree, and at Unitek College, you can train to become one of them.

The Virtual Classroom Experience

Your first week of online class at Unitek College includes an orientation and introduction to the online classroom. You are provided with a course syllabus, schedule of assignments, and general expectations. You can also tour our virtual platform and resources.

Coursework is broken up into weekly modules so you can clearly see when tasks are due. Throughout the week, our discussion boards will give you and your instructor an opportunity to interact with one another. The courses are instructor-led and engage you through discussion forums, online office hours, assignments, team projects, and exams. Some of our nursing courses are also taught with a combination of virtual and on-ground instruction.

The virtual classroom is accessible 24/7 and includes around the clock tech support by phone, chat, or email should you ever need it.