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Exciting Curriculums

Various Unitek programs prepare students by giving them access to healthcare facilities, simulation training, and extensive instruction. All of the programs at the Concord Campus can be completed in a year or less.

Active Location

The Concord Campus is located near Willow Pass Road and State Route 242. There are a slew of nearby stores and restaurants. There are also several parks, schools, and residences. There’s even a Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

Unitek College Health Care Training - Concord

About the Campus

  • Occupies approximately 24,000 square feet
  • 7 classrooms
  • 9 labs
  • Learning resource stations
  • Student break room
  • Café within the building
  • Administrative staff offices

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree at Concord: Students can take the next step in their nursing careers with this 3-year program. Students with current LVNs can also apply for advanced placement status and complete the program in 2 years.

Vocational Nursing program at Concord: This program gives students the knowledge and skillset they’ll need to pass the licensure exam in as little as 12 months! If you like to help people, this program could be a great choice—healthcare careers are often incredibly rewarding.

Medical Assisting classes at Concord: This program equips students with the experience and skills they’ll need to excel as a Medical Assistant. A supervised externship is included!

Medical Office Administration courses at Concord: Learn how to provide excellent patient administration with this program. Students will learn about medical office procedures, patient interaction, medical records, and more.

Dental Assisting program at Concord: Unitek provides Dental Assistant training and gives students the knowledge they’ll need to succeed in the field. The curriculum includes lab work, in-class instruction, and a supervised externship. If you’re searching for Dental Assistant programs, this could very well be the one for you!

About Unitek College

Unitek College was founded in 2002. An accredited, private institution, Unitek maintains seven campuses in convenient locations. They can be found in the following areas: Fremont, San Jose, Hayward, Concord, South San Francisco, Sacramento, and Bakersfield. Unitek combines academic and technical specialties to create a truly exceptional set of programs in the areas of healthcare and nursing. Career training, clinical placement, and employment assistance are provided to graduates of Unitek College.