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Dental assistant students practicing using tools to clean a model of a mouth.

Concord Dental
Assistant Program

Dental Assisting Classes in Concord, CA

About the Dental Assisting Program at Concord

Dental Assistants play an important role in dentistry. They not only support dentists on a daily basis, but their actions support the general wellbeing of their communities.

Our 10-month Dental Assisting (DA) program in Concord, California will provide you with the skills, experience, and knowledge to successfully enter this profession. The short duration of our program makes it easier for you to begin your dental career as quickly and conveniently as possible. Dental Assistant courses cover all aspects of the profession, including infection control, sterilization techniques, medical emergencies, dental X-rays, and the use of dental instruments. Plus, as a Unitek College student, you can benefit from employment assistance through our career services department.

Concord DA Program
Start Date

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Dental assistant student practicing hands-on techniques

What You’ll Learn

By enrolling in the Concord Dental Assisting program, you will learn how to support dentists as they examine and treat patients. While job duties may vary depending on location and employer, our curriculum will train you to perform most common Dental Assisting tasks:

  • Preparing patients for treatments and procedures
  • Assisting with oral surgeries
  • Sterilizing dental instruments
  • Evacuating oral cavities and using suction hoses
  • Making dental impressions
  • Instructing patients in proper oral hygiene
  • Administering X-rays and other lab tasks, under the direction of a dentist
  • Installing fixed prosthodontics
  • Maintaining inventory for dental practices

In California, you may also perform the following procedures:

  • Coronal polishing
  • Sealant application
  • Fluoride application
  • Topical anesthetic application

DA Admissions Requirements for the Concord Campus

To enroll in the Dental Assistant program in Concord, please review some of our steps for admission:

1 Career planning session & admissions interview

2 Send proof of high school education/equivalent

3 Assessment exam

4 Admissions application

5 Enrollment agreement

6 Financial arrangements

Dental Assistant Program with a Career-Driven Curriculum

Our DA program utilizes a well-rounded curriculum that incorporates several learning techniques. These include specialized instruction, simulation exercises, and a 200-hour supervised externship. We also reinforce the importance of “soft skills,” which might expand your employment opportunities after graduation.

At Concord, our DA program is designed to hone the following skills:

  • A detail-oriented nature, as Dental Assistants must follow specific rules and protocols when helping dentists treat patients.
  • Dexterity, as Dental Assistants generally work in tight quarters on a small part of the body, using very precise tools and instruments.
  • Interpersonal skills, as Dental Assistants work closely with dentists and patients.
  • Listening skills, as Dental Assistants must often listen to patients and other healthcare workers.
  • Organizational skills, as Dental Assistants should have the correct tools in place for a dentist or dental hygienist to use when treating a patient.
Two students in blue scrubs

I had amazing teachers who really went above and beyond for us. They have some of the biggest hearts I have ever seen.

- Kandance S. (2020 Unitek Graduate)

Outside of Concord campus

The Concord Campus

Concord is a vibrant city of various outdoor activities and climates. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Concord sits in a mountainous region with oceanic weather. Our campus can be found on the first floor of a 10-story building at 1401 Willow Pass Road. One great benefit for commuting students is the close proximity of our campus to Interstate 680 and the surrounding communities.

At Concord, you will have access to 9 labs and 7 classrooms. We also maintain several learning resource stations, a student break room, and an indoor café.

Student Support

Our ultimate goal is to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals in under a year’s time. At Unitek, we’re proud to support our students. For example, many of them benefit from the support of our dedicated career services and financial aid teams. Our staff is committed to helping students complete their training and find rewarding opportunities after graduation.

Career-Driven Programs

In addition to our enthusiastic career services team, the Concord campus offers numerous programs that combine expert instruction, training exercises, and supervised externships to give you a well-rounded experience. All our Dental Assisting courses are designed to prepare you for employment. The instructional hours are comprised of one 60-hour prerequisite class followed by seven 80-hour classes. These courses include reading and writing assignments, library research, practical application assignments, and various projects. After successfully completing our on-campus classes, you will be scheduled for a 200-hour externship.

The school staff is super nice. The instructors actually know who you are and where you stand.

- Satbir S. (2019 Unitek Graduate)

Campus Location

Our Concord Campus lies within a hub of healthcare providers. Here, major organizations like Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health serve the greater Diablo Valley region. This allows for more job opportunities and externships for our students.

Concord Campus
Phone: (888) 919-4220
1401 Willow Pass Rd,
Concord, CA 94520

Our campus can be found near Willow Pass Road and State Route 242. After class, you can stop at several nearby stores and restaurants. There are also various parks, schools, and residences. Thanks to a diverse community, the city of Concord offers a great location for both visitors and locals.

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Commonly Asked Questions

In the U.S., there are several paths you can take to become a Dental Assistant. It really depends on your employer and location, as some states require aspiring DAs to graduate from a formal or accredited program and pass an exam. In other states, there are no such requirements.

Our Dental Assisting program can be completed in as little as 10 months. For high school graduates or career changers, this comprehensive yet efficient program can give you a fresh start in under a year’s time.

Dental workers will always be needed. This is especially evident when you consider the expected job growth for Dental Assistants—which is faster than the average for all occupations—as well as overall growth in the healthcare field. Furthermore, the short duration of our Dental Assisting program allows busy adults to enter the field quickly, making this occupation both convenient and attainable.

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