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Fremont MA Program

Earn your Medical Assisting Diploma
in Fremont, CA

About the Medical Assisting Program at Fremont

Our Medical Assisting (MA) program in Fremont, California will prepare you for a successful career as a Medical Assistant by providing you with a solid foundation of medical skills and experience. At Fremont, you will receive a dedicated support system that includes student services such as admissions, financial aid, and career services.

Many graduates of our Medical Assistant program have expressed gratitude for the hands-on curriculum, student labs, and high-quality instructors at our Fremont location. Medical Assisting students who enroll here also receive mock interviews to better prepare them for their future careers.

Fremont MA Program
Start Date

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What You’ll Learn

Medical Assisting courses at Fremont focus on both clinical and administrative training, providing you with extensive healthcare knowledge. These areas of study are vital to your success in the field.

Fremont students are trained to perform Medical Assisting responsibilities such as:

  • Medical office procedures
  • Clinical procedures
  • Updating patient medical records
  • Filling out insurance forms
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Scheduling hospital and laboratory services

In addition, Fremont Medical Assistant graduates are eligible to take various certification exams. These include the NCCT exam for the National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA) credential and the American Medical Technologists (AMT) exam to earn the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) credential. Such credentials are not required to graduate, but may be of value depending on your particular career goals.

Medical Assistant Admissions Requirements for the Fremont Campus

To enroll at our Fremont Medical Assisting program, please review the following steps for admissions:

1 Career review session & admissions interview

2 Send proof of high school diploma/equivalent

3 Assessment test

4 General application

5 Enrollment agreement

6 Financial arrangements

Medical Assistant Program with a Career-Driven Curriculum

At our Fremont campus, we proudly offer a well-rounded program for those who want to become Medical Assistants. Our MA instructors are highly educated with many years of experience in the industry. You will receive in-class instruction, simulation training, and 160 hours of fieldwork experience through a supervised externship. Our Medical Assisting courses emphasize the importance of communication, professional behavior, and teamwork. To better prepare you for your future MA career, you will also learn how to maintain OSHA and HIPAA guidelines. All of this knowledge can be gained in as little as 9 months.

Male nurse in red scrubs

I'm very thankful to my Unitek Family for giving me the courage to go back to medical school and have Medical Assisting as my stepping stone to my career goal.

- Clarizza R. (2019 MA Program Graduate)

Unitek College Campus

The Fremont Campus

Located in the California bay area, the Fremont campus maintains a host of promising curriculums and career opportunities. Our career services and financial aid teams are eager to assist prospective students with their educational and career aspirations. We believe Medical Assistants are critical to the success of our healthcare system. That is why the ultimate goal of our Medical Assistant training is to prepare you for the increasingly complex healthcare needs of your community. Challenging as it may be, we want each of our students to achieve a stable and rewarding career doing what they love – helping people.

Facilities for Student Use

Aspiring Medical Assistants can enjoy numerous student services and facilities at our Fremont campus. These include a student lounge, a library, accessible administrative offices, and career services. If you require tuition assistance, our team of financial aid representatives is also here to support you.

Clinical Externships

Furthermore, we are in walking distance of several clinical externships in the Fremont area. Not only will this prove to be convenient during the busy semester, it will also provide you with real-world experience and networking opportunities. If you would like to seek employment in Fremont, your externship could act as a vital stepping stone for your career.

I really enjoyed finishing my MA in Unitek College. It is a really hands-on college with great labs and teachers.

- Siveen A. (2019 MA Program Graduate)

Campus Location

Framed by sunny skies and gradual mountainous views, our Fremont campus is located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. It lies near the arterial I-880 highway at 4670 Auto Mall Parkway. In addition, our campus sits in a safe area of the city with several nearby establishments. These include a performing arts studio, a fitness center, and several eateries.

Fremont Campus
Phone: (888)-775-1514
4670 Auto Mall Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538

Our Fremont campus is ideally located in the Bay Area. Students who live nearby or must commute will find it easily accessible thanks to the I-880 highway. In addition to its central location, Fremont also serves as our main campus at Unitek. Medical Assisting students are in a prime location for school events, outreach, and externships. If you plan to use your MA experience to apply for nursing school, our Fremont campus also offers several nursing programs.

The City of Fremont also offers several options for public transportation. These include buses, express trains, and a bicycle and pedestrian program. Fremont also offers an inviting Mediterranean climate, which is typical of the San Francisco Bay Area. You can expect to have warm, dry summers and mild winters.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Our Medical Assisting program starts a new cohort of students almost every month. Check with our admissions department for specific start dates.

The number of MA students in each classroom is capped at 40. This is done to ensure that instructors have enough time with each student. It also ensures that each student feels their voice is heard, allowing them to voice their questions and successfully collaborate with other students.

This will often depend on your schedule. For instance, some attend school part time, while others are in class on a full-time basis. There are typically various sessions throughout the day as well:

  • Morning sessions: 8:00am – 12:15pm Mon-Fri
  • Mid-Day sessions: 10:00am – 2:15pm Mon-Fri
  • Evening sessions: 5:30pm – 10: 50pm Mon-Thurs, or 5:30pm – 9:45pm Mon-Fri (these times can vary)

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