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About the Information Technology Program at Concord

If you are a critical thinker who enjoys problem solving, you should consider enrolling in our Information Technology (IT) program.

Our IT program in Concord, California will teach you the basics of computer technology. The curriculum offers professional instruction, lab exercises, and a supervised externship. In addition to earning your IT diploma, you will learn how to explain computer concepts to different audiences and complete various IT-related tasks. Our IT program can also assist you in preparation for a number of certification exams in the IT industry. These exams are not required for graduation, but can be of value depending on your particular career goals.

Concord IT Program
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What You’ll Learn

At Concord, faculty members will prepare you for a successful career in the IT field. Our IT program will equip you with specific skills to excel as a Computer User Support Specialist, Helpdesk Technician, Desktop Support Technician, or Network Support Technician.

You will learn a vast range of IT skillsets, including but not limited to:

  • Answering questions or resolve computer problems for clients
  • Providing assistance with the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems
  • Monitoring the daily performance of computer systems
  • Performing installation of computers, operating systems, and other software
  • Testing, troubleshooting, and evaluating network systems
  • Performing network maintenance
  • Resolving networking problems and documenting network support activities
  • Configuring security settings
  • Analyzing network data to determine network usage or disk space availability

IT Program Admissions Requirements for the Concord Campus

To enroll in the Dental Assistant program in Concord, please review some of our steps for admission:

1 Career planning session

2 Admissions interview

3 Proof of high school

4 Entrance exam

5 Unitek Application

6 Enrollment agreement

7 Financial arrangements

IT Program with a Career-Driven Curriculum

Our IT program will allow you to serve the IT-support needs of different organizations, which can range from small to mid-sized businesses. Developed by experts in the field, our IT courses feature virtual environments to simulate real-world scenarios. We also provide students with physical workstations for richer instruction and hands-on training.

Here are some of the IT courses available at our Concord campus:

  • Office Suite Support
  • Basic Networking Essentials
  • Security Essentials
  • Windows Desktop Essentials
  • Windows Server Essentials
  • PC Hardware
  • IT Externship
    • Supervised experience at an appropriate technical facility
    • Opportunity to practice/be exposed to administrative and technical procedures
    • Report to a site supervisor during this 160-hour externship

I learned lots of real stuff from Unitek College. Not only the knowledge base from our books, but also the reality behind the IT world.

- Joseph E. (2019 IT Program Graduate)

The Concord Campus

In 2002, we started providing healthcare education in Northern California and other states. Our Concord campus is now one of seven locations throughout California. Currently, our IT program is offered at Concord and one other campus, Fremont.

We cater to extracurricular student needs by providing areas like a student lounge and an indoor café. To better serve our IT students, we strive to offer morning and evening sessions. We also employ a driven financial aid and career services team to help students take that first step toward their dream career.

Individual Workstations

At Concord, our IT program combines classroom and laboratory space to ensure easy accessibility. Every student can access individual computer workstations as well as the necessary tools, software, and hardware systems to accomplish their tasks.

Supervised Externship

The supervised externship is another great benefit of our IT program. Externships will expose you to “real world” IT issues that need to be addressed. Students can gain hands-on experience in IT troubleshooting, data configuration, data imaging and migration, network management, and program installation. Our ultimate goal is to help you transition to a full-time work environment in the IT field.

Unitek is the best. I can't imagine the number of students and graduates they have helped, including me personally.

- Joselyn G. (2019 Unitek Graduate)

Campus Location

Concord is one of the largest cities in Contra Costa County, California. It lies just 29 miles east of San Francisco. Furthermore, Concord is one of our largest campuses at Unitek College. It occupies part of the first floor and the entire second floor of a major office building at 1401 Willow Pass Road.

Concord Campus
Phone: (888) 919-4220
1401 Willow Pass Rd,
Concord, CA 94520

This convenient location places our campus in a triangle with several highways and big cities. Our campus also sits between two community colleges. At Concord, we typically receive students from these locations as well as local high schools. Students benefit from our central location, as well as the many job and externship opportunities in the surrounding area.

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Commonly Asked Questions

There are various ways to enter the IT field. We recommend starting with our Information Technology program in Concord, as it teaches the fundamentals of computer technology. It also gives students the knowledge they will need to analyze hardware and software issues. Our program is effective and efficient, as it takes as little as 9 months to complete.

Absolutely. In fact, many of our students use public transit. We are located just one block away from the nearest bus stop, and approximately one mile from Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). Plus, we offer free parking in a covered parking garage.

At Concord, we provide our students with access to a café within the building. We also maintain a student lounge for them. Given our accessible location, there are various nearby restaurants as well.

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