Nursing Students join CERT to help others in need

Nursing Student Joins CERT, Helping the Community and Learning at the Same Time


When disaster strikes, will you know what to do? Unitek College nursing students are taking part in the local CERT program, which stands for Community Emergency Response Team. Although they are still hammering nails into their protocol, the idea is that members will first take care of family and neighbors, and then ultimately report to their neighborhood fire stations to provide citizens with temporary collection points. These collection points would provide basic needs and temporary shelter, which is of course first priority in the event of a disaster.

You may be asking yourself, isn’t that what medics, firemen and police do? The answer is, yes. However, the need for these kinds of programs is a practical one.

Genevieve Pastor-Cohen, of the Livermore-Pleasanton chapter recently stated, “When a catastrophic earthquake occurs resulting in widespread destruction, local police and fire departments’ resources will be overwhelmed because they will be deployed to those locations that are in most need of their critical professional life-saving skills. In addition, it is anticipated that roadways will be impacted greatly making it more difficult to deliver resources to impacted communities. Citizens trained in CERT will be able to respond within their neighborhoods and utilize their basic skills immediately to help their communities survive.”

CERT, and other programs like it, will allow community members to be self-sufficient and pro-active during an emergency, which in turn creates a more resilient community. If you are interested in joining your local CERT, click here to find a program in your area. These programs are funded by Homeland Security, and volunteers can attend at no charge.

Unitek College would also like to congratulate those of you who have already received your U.S. Department of Homeland Security certificate, and we encourage more students to participate and lend their expertise.


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