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There’s More to Medicine Than an MD Degree

Here’s a pretty good article highlighting the increasing demand for healthcare positions other than just doctors.  This increased need has subsequently led to increased opportunities in medical fields ranging from medical assistant to pharmacy technicians.

“You never know where your path is going to take you in healthcare, because there are just so many opportunities for growth.  People can continue to be practitioners or go into research. They can also go into the more entrepreneurial, business side of healthcare.”

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One of the more interesting parts of the article involves quotes about how the most sought-after medical professionals are multi-skilled workers who can do a variety of medical tasks.  The high demand isn’t allowing a lot of hospitals and medical organizations to wait for nurses and doctors to finish multiple years of schooling.  They need healthcare professionals now, making other health care careers all the more valuable and lucrative.

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  1. Cheney Lyon
    Cheney Lyon says:

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