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Are Nurses Ready for the Hospital-Hotel Trend?

As opposed to the plethora of articles complaining about overcrowding in hospitals and nurse to patient ratios, I’ve come across a few stories touching on the hospital-hotel trend. Who wouldn’t like their hospital stay to be more like a hotel, but is this really feasible? How will this impact the role of Vocational Nursing?

Wellness hotels and holistic retreats are nothing new, but now it seems like several medical centers are trying to pattern their ambience and treatments after these places of relaxation. The Seattle Times reporter Carol M. Ostrom writes that these hospitals are trying to attract patients with good health insurance. “Behind the radical new design for Swedish/Issaquah [Medical Center in Washington] is a concept of hospital that’s evolving to be less foreboding fortress on the hill and more community center… The changes, driven in part by competition for patients with good insurance, emphasize outpatient services, giving prime space to medical offices and centers that provide chemotherapy and radiology.”

Ostrom reports that the Swedish Medical Center lssaquah Campus is implementing changes based on current health care system needs. “Sicker inpatients, shorter stays for most patients and the need for bedside equipment led to large, single rooms and pullout couches for overnighting family members… Data showing patients and staffers do better with natural light and less stress brought big windows, gardens, decks and views. Research on why patients fall brought bathrooms closer to bedside.”

These new centers are not just benefiting patients, but also the nursing staff. The architectural designs focus on a relaxing environment with atriums and fountains, quieter private patient rooms, more natural light, state of the art technology and reduced energy costs. Where do I sign up?

There is also a hotel in Cleveland, OH that is focusing on health benefits. On FierceHealth.com, Karen Cheung reports that, “Targeted at medical tourists, InterContinental Suites Hotel is located on Cleveland Clinic’s campus and is the only wellness-focused suite hotel in the region, according to the InterContinental website. The 162-room facility is ‘[a]n oasis for guests to relax, rejuvenate and improve their overall mental and physical well-being, yet close to the city’s most prominent attractions… From the moment you arrive you’ll feel the warmth and comfort of a hotel and staff that are focused on assisting you reach your goal of wellness and good health.’”

Basically we have hotels trying to be like hospitals and hospitals trying to be like hotels. If it provides more jobs for LVNs, I’m all for it. If you’re in a nursing program in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are a variety of medical environments and one is going to be just right for you!

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  1. acls online
    acls online says:

    I truly think hospital/hotels/wellness centers are the wave of the future. People will travel on vacation and at the same time get treated for their illnesses. Great topic!

    • Christina
      Christina says:

      I figure what interests me might be of interest to someone else. Thanks for the positive input!

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