Unitek College Delves into Healthy Recipes for the Holiday Season

Healthy Recipes for the Holiday Season

Have you ever searched for the phrase “Medical Assistant courses near me?” Not only do we have a fantastic Medical Assistant school to recommend, but we also have a list of healthy recipes that will help keep your energy up over the holidays. After all, you are what you eat, and you’ll need that energy when you resume your Medical Assistant pursuits!  

First thing’s first: With seven campuses in California and intensive yet efficient curriculums, Unitek College provides students with a Medical Assistant program that can be completed in as little as 9 months. Because the courses can be somewhat rigorous, it’s vital that students also take breaks and eat plenty of nutrients.

Below we’ve compiled a list of healthy-yet-delicious recipes with the help of one excellent source: Kaiser Permanente!

Read on, and get a little festive with us.

Unitek College Delves into Healthy Recipes for the Holiday Season

10 Side Dish Ideas for the Holidays

1. Oven-fried Potatoes with Gremolata: “Lemon zest mixed with flat leaf parsley and garlic from your local farmers’ market, some herbs then tossed with oven-fried potatoes, made an excellent side dish for a New Year’s Eve feast.”

2. New Potato Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette: “With a few modifications I offer you a spectacular version of potato salad found on the net which can be served warm or at room temperature…”

3. Roasted Sweet Potato Medley: “It’s an easy side dish and leftovers are a great addition to salads the next day. This recipe is quick to prepare and beautiful to look at.”

4. Glazed and Crispy Brussels Sprouts: “One of the helpful aspects of this recipe is that some of the preparation can be done ahead of time requiring just one burner with high heat close to dinner time. Eat more of these than the other creamy, fattening dishes and feel better after!”

5. Kale with Sautéed Apples and Onion: “Combined with Fuji apples and a sweet onion from our local farmers’ market, it was a sweet yet hearty side dish all the more satisfying because it was a brand new discovery (for me). Try it. It’s easy and full of flavor.”

6. Garlic Green Beans: “Here’s another very simple Thanksgiving side dish. And you don’t need to add a can of mushroom soup concentrate like I got when growing up.”

7. Kale Slaw with Peanut Dressing: “You know how you find a song you like and play it over and over. That’s what’s happening with kale!”

8. Roasted Poblano Peppers with Cranberries, Pecans, and Quinoa: “My son made this one up a couple years ago when my family and I were trying to create some vegetarian options for Thanksgiving. This recipe can be excellent as the main course if you are eating a lot less meat these days.”

9. Healthy Holiday Salad: “Instead of impossible resolutions, try a healthy raw salad for lunch or dinner in between your favorite holiday meals. It’s a perfect counterbalance to an excess of sugar, cream, butter and meats.”

10. Kale, Farro and Roasted Yam Salad: “If you can’t find farro, use quinoa or cooked barley. We had this salad with pounded chicken breast quickly sautéed over high heat and seasoned with just salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon. More power to super foods!”

A Quick Overview of Unitek College

Founded in 2002, Unitek College is an accredited, private institution that combines unique academic and technical specialties to provide a superior education in the areas of healthcare and nursing. We offer seven convenient facilities in California, with campuses in Fremont, San Jose, Hayward, Concord, South San Francisco, Sacramento, and Bakersfield.

At Unitek College, we provide healthcare career training, professional development, clinical placement, and employment assistance to its graduates. If you’d like more information, please check out our contact page and call one of our representatives!