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Americans Rate Nursing as Most Honest and Ethical Profession

Nursing continues to score highest in honesty and ethics amongst public

In 2014 according to the Gallup Poll, the American public rated nurses as having the highest honesty and ethical standards. On the opposite end of the spectrum, members of Congress and car salespeople received the worst ratings among the 11 professions included in 2014’s poll. A full eighty percent of Americans rate nurses as having "very high" or "high" standards of honesty and ethics.


From LVN, to RN, to BSN: Student Excels in her Nursing Education

Alessandra Senh is entering her third course of study at Unitek College, and could not be more excited about it. She just graduated from Unitek College's Registered Nurse Bridge – LVN to RN program, and shortly thereafter, passed the NCLEX, achieving her lifelong goal of becoming a registered nurse. But she isn't stopping there. Alessandra is going straight into the Bachelors of Science Nursing – RN to BSN degree program.


Interview Tips for Your Next Nursing Interview

Every year, new nurses graduate with the dream of joining the ranks of nurses before them and making a difference in the lives of their patients. And every year, those new nurses go through countless job applications and interviews in the hopes of being offered the chance to do so. If you recently graduated, or will soon graduate from nursing school, or are looking to start a new career in the nursing and allied healthcare fields; no matter what your current position, nailing that first (and maybe second and third) interview is key.


Nursing Careers in California

Registered Nurses play very important roles in the healthcare industry, primarily being in charge with providing ongoing specialized care to patients in a variety of healthcare establishments.


College of Nursing Programs in California

The qualified and active LVN are given the possibility to join a LVN to RN training program and become eligible for the registered nurse licensure examination.

Maybe you'll ask yourselves, 'Why should I become a registered nurse? If you have already become an LVN, why not register at a licensed vocational nurse to registered nurse school and achieve the knowledge you need in order to be able to sit the RN licensure exam?


LVN to RN Programs for Licensed Nurses in California

An RN, short for Registered Nurse, refers to a health care professional, who is responsible for the implementation of the nursing practice and process. It is the responsibility of a registered nurse to ensure that their patients receive nothing but the best professional care possible.


Looking for an LVN to RN Program in the Bay Area?

If you are considering building a successful and rewarding career in the healthcare industry, the Registered Nurse (RN) profession is a very good place to start from.

The Registered Nurse is an occupation that brings practicing professionals considerable benefits on multiple levels (the Registered Nurse profession is morally, professionally and financially rewarding, standing out as a dynamic, interesting, exciting and noble healthcare occupation) and with additional training and experience, it also prepares the ground for superior level job positions in the medical field.


Registered Nursing Programs Available in California

In order to enter in possession of the nursing license, students are required to graduate from an authorized nursing program and pass a licensing examination the NCLEX-RN.

Existing or prospective nurses may be licensed in one or more states; one can be licensed in more than one state either by passing an additional exam (which may differ from one state to another), or by the endorsement of a nursing license obtained in another state.


What does an LVN to RN program Include?

With a good level of motivation, a little personal effort and the help of an efficient training program, the Registered Nurse (RN) certification can be obtained in a minimum amount of time.


Registered Nursing Program- Are you Ready?

Whether you choose the Registered Nurse (RN) career for the noble and captivating nature of the work, for the significant financial benefits it attracts or for the numerous promotion possibilities it allows for, your decision of becoming an RN can lead to an extensive series of professional and personal satisfactions. Thanks to the advantages it offers to active practitioners, the RN profession enjoys great exposure and popularity, being regarded as very appealing and rewarding by individuals looking to build a solid career in the healthcare industry.


Registered Nursing Training Programs- Prepare for an RN Career

At present, the Registered Nurse (RN) profession enjoys great exposure and popularity among individuals looking to start a successful career in the healthcare industry.

As a Registered Nurse, you will have the opportunity to bring a significant contribution to the local community, work as part of a team in a healthcare-providing establishment (ranging from hospitals to clinics and outpatient departments) and constantly interact with other medical professionals, patients, patient's families and friends. Registered Nurses in California earn a median annual wage of $91,270 (Source:, 11/2013). The gratitude and respect of many categories of persons, both inside and outside the medical system.


Nursing Career Overview

A RN (or Registered Nurse) is a nurse that has completed a course of study and passed the NCLEX-RN to become licensed and registered in the state of California.

Although there are more RNs than any other type of nurse in the U.S, recent government research studies have indicated that nowadays there is still a great shortage of RNs in many states.


Nursing Career- An Attractive Vocation For Many

In recent years, the Registered Nurse (RN) profession has attracted the interest of thousands of individuals belonging to many different categories of age, in search of a successful, solid career in the healthcare industry.


RN Training- Nursing School, Class Schedule, Costs

The Registered Nurse (RN) is a noble and well-remunerated profession, nowadays being considered a suitable starting point for a successful and rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

Although the Registered Nurse profession involves plenty of responsibility and hard-work, practicing professionals benefit from good working conditions and enjoy the respect and admiration of their employers, colleagues, patients under their care, as well as patient's families and friends.