Why Choose Unitek College's LVN to RN Program?

Why Unitek

NCLEX-RN Test Passing Assistance!

Unitek College assists students with passing the NCLEX so that they can become licensed, working Registered Nurses (RN) in California. In fact, we are so confident that our students will pass the NCLEX-RN exam to become RNs, that we pay the exam fee for them. We integrate national benchmark testing, remediation and a NCLEX Prep course throughout the curriculum. This is all included in the cost of the program – we believe we owe you this. Please refer to our enrollment package for complete details.
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Comprehensive Financial Assistance*

Unitek College offers Federal Financial Aid to those that qualify. If you are uncertain of whether or not you qualify, please ask our Financial Aid department. If you are unemployed, you may qualify for financial grants through governmental and local organizations such as the Employment Development Department (EDD).
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Optimum Timing

Completion of the entire Unitek College’s Registered Nursing Program will take a student 34 weeks. In this period, students will complete classroom, lab and clinical training. We have specifically designed this program to help students secure employment after graduation. Back To Top

All-Inclusive price

Unitek College includes everything you need to succeed in the Registered Nursing program in a single fee. The program price includes all textbooks, workbooks, lab fees, uniforms (2), employment assistance and lab bag with all the medical equipment you will need such as a BP Cuff. Unitek College also pays for your state board registration* and livescan fingerprinting fees. We’ve got you covered.
*State board registration fees: RN license fee, Exam fee to board and NCLEX-RN exam fee.
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NCLEX-RN Exam Included

The cost of the NCLEX-RN exam is included in the cost of your tuition. Please refer to your enrollment package for more details.
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Quality Instructors

In addition to their considerable teaching experience, our instructors are California licensed and approved as Lead Faculty and/or Content Experts by the Board of Registered Nursing. All lead instructors have at minimum a Master’s degree or higher, and are hand selected for their experience and knowledge. Clinical Instructors are experts in their field, many with advanced degrees or certifications. All students receive their own faculty advisor to help guide them through the program. This, and much more, helps Unitek College provide you with an amazing learning experience.
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Modern Training Facilities

Simulation Labs (SIM Lab) are a great way to develop and master real world lab skills. Unitek College is equipped with modern SIM Labs, which will allow students to get the practice they need to improve their skills and be prepared for their careers. With our SIM Labs, our Vocational Nursing graduates will have over 1,000 hours of combined hands-on training in simulation Labs, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. SIM Labs are used in both our Vocational Nursing, and LVN to RN bridge program.
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Nursing Labs

There are multiple stations within each room, allowing students to get familiar with key industry skills. Stations are equipped with modern mannequins that are made to feel and respond like real patients. These high-fidelity mannequins can mimic breathing, let you practice setting up IVs, practice CPR, and much more. Mannequins are hooked up to modern practice equipment, and can replicate almost every emergency room situation. Please ask us for a tour, can't wait? Check out our Fremont Campus click here
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Employment Services

Though Unitek College does not guarantee employment, we make every effort to assist our graduates with employment. Job search assistance includes:

  • Get noticed by an employer – helping prepare your resume and application properly
  • Ace the interview – mock interviews and best practices
  • Find your job - access to our current job board postings & job referrals for alumni
  • A foot in the door - recommendations to certain employers within your chosen field
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Unitek College is excited to offer a tool that you can use to stay on track and achieve your goals. Introducing WellConnect. WellConnect is designed to help you attain your academic and life goals. This counseling service helps you overcome barriers to your school success, is confidential, and provides professional assistance along with valuable resources to help resolve issues that interfere with your schooling. WellConnect provides you with a team of professional staff who have training and expertise in a wide range of topics to help you balance your life.
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Gainful Employment Disclosure

Gainful Employment disclosure related to this program can be read in our Registered Nurse Bridge - LVN to RN Gainful Employment Disclosure page.

*Financial Loans available for those who qualify