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Pharmacy Technician In Top Three Medical Jobs of 2011

According to Jobacle.com, being a Pharmacy Technician is one of the top three medical jobs for 2011 (the other two include being a registered nurse and radiologic technologist). There are several reasons why this career is on the rise:
1. In the current economic recession, the medical field is going strong. Although there are budget cuts as in most industries, there is still a growing demand for Pharmacy Technicians. As mentioned in Jobacle.com, “Due to aging baby boomers and the increase in prescription drug coverage, pharmacy technician positions are expected to rise 31 percent with nearly 426,000 positions being filled by 2018.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics also mentions that “as scientific advances lead to new drugs, and as more people obtain prescription drug coverage, pharmacy workers will be needed in growing numbers.”

2. Although the pay isn’t as high as in some other health careers, the average Pharmacy Technician makes $35,000 and doesn’t have the high student loans to pay back as many other graduates due to the shorter amount of schooling required.

3. There are countless job opportunities regardless of where you live. Every neighborhood seems to have a Target, Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid in it with a pharmacy. These specialty stores thrive in large part due to their convenient locations and ability to quickly and easily fill prescriptions (with help of their Pharmacy Technicians). The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that “Pharmacy technicians and aides held about 381,200 jobs in 2008. Of these, about 326,300 were pharmacy technicians and about 54,900 were pharmacy aides. About 75 percent of jobs were in a retail setting, and about 16 percent were in hospitals.”
So how do you get one of these career opportunities? Pharmacytechnicianblog.com suggests that in an interview you should “stress your qualifications and readiness for the job. Expect to answer questions related to your certification as well as if you hold any diplomas, degrees or licenses that would qualify you for the job.” Education and experience are key!

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