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Can Facebook Help in Job Placement?

Who doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account by now? It seems like it’s as common as having a phone number or home address. Now social networking sites have become a major source of job recruitment. If you are a pharmacy technician student, the job possibilities have just increased as more employers are connecting via internet.

Nursezone.com editorial director Carol Burke writes that, “The trend toward using social media to connect employers and job candidates continues to grow. According to research based on a 2009 survey of employers, published by Career Builder, almost half of the employers surveyed reported that they used social networking sites to evaluate and research candidates. That number appears to be growing, as the popularity of sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter continues unabated.”

I must say that I found my first job through meeting a recruiter at a job fair, but my last three positions have been through Craigslist.com. Without the internet, I honestly don’t know how to find a job the old fashioned way. (I don’t even have a newspaper subscription to look through the Help Wanted section!)

Burke reports that, “In a 2010 survey of registered nurses, physicians, pharmacists and allied health care professionals, AMN Healthcare, the nation’s largest health care staffing and workforce solutions company, asked professionals about their use of social and mobile media for job searching. Nearly 1,250 clinicians responded, with 6 out of 10 noting that they have actively searched for a new job in the last two years …Not surprisingly, respondents noted that over the past two years, top job search methods have been referrals, direct contact and then search engines and job boards as the most popular methods.”

One of the best ways for hospitals and clinics to represent themselves is through social networking. This article states that over 900 hospitals have accounts on social networking sites and many are establishing blogs. “For many, Twitter and Facebook allow them to feature community and education programs, specialized health programs or expertise in a particular discipline. Others are using social media sites to promote their facilities as great places to work, with many posting jobs.”

If you are a pharmacy tech student in the San Francisco Bay Area, open that search engine and check out some hospital websites in the area, start a Facebook account and get ready to do some research. It’s never too early to start planning for your future.

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