The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN) program at Unitek College is a great choice for RNs seeking the next step in their career. BSN degrees build a foundation for higher post-graduate study, and they often lead to higher-level responsibilities as well as management positions. Obtaining your BSN will equip you with the knowledge and skillset you’ll need to meet more advanced demands of healthcare.

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), many employers recognize the importance of higher education. In fact, about 79% of employers either require or strongly prefer nurses with a bachelor’s degree.1 The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that 1.2 million vacancies will emerge for registered nurses by 2022.2 With this nursing shortage in the United States, employment opportunities are anticipated to grow to fill the need.

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RN to BSN online program

If you’re seeking an RN to BSN online program, Unitek offers a degree-completion program that transitions Associate Degree RNs to Bachelor’s Degree RNs. The ultimate goal of this program is to prepare students for nursing leadership roles, management positions, and other career goals. Successful graduates will receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. This degree often leads to various opportunities for RNs, including higher salaries and greater career advancement. Additionally, a BSN degree is usually a prerequisite for teaching, research, and consulting roles.

At Unitek, class caps are utilized to ensure that each student’s voice is heard. Because of this, no class in the program will ever include more than 20 students. The courses also utilize an online, collaborative learning platform called Moodle that only requires a computer with internet access and Microsoft Office software. During the program, students will have access to chat rooms and discussion boards. Their lectures, training modules, and tests will all be accessible in the online student portal.

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Advantages of Unitek’s BSN program

The advantages of Unitek’s BSN program are numerous. They include the following: complete online instruction for total accessibility, ability to transfer up to 90 credits, one flat rate per semester, financial aid for those who qualify, and the ability to earn your degree in as little as 12 months.3 By the end of the program, students will be prepared to act as a positive change agent in healthcare.


Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

The RN-to-BSN Degree Completion program at Unitek College is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Opportunities for RNs with a BSN

There are numerous opportunities for RNs with a BSN. Some specializations and responsibilities they may qualify for include the following: management, department supervisors, research positions, and teaching positions. In the field, they may also become hospice nurses, palliative care nurses, OB/GYN nurses, pediatrics nurses, surgical nurses, and ICU nurses.

While it’s important to consider your goals, your values, and your strengths, it’s equally important to pick a career that brings you fulfillment. More often than not, careers in healthcare are very rewarding. They also typically promise a certain degree of security. For instance, demand for RNs is expected to grow 15 percent by 2026.2

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this increase will occur for several reasons, including a bigger emphasis on preventive care. The latter particularly applies to chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity. This increasing demand is also due to a rising need for healthcare services in the baby-boomer population. As they age, medical services will become even more vital. Due to all of these factors, the demand for registered nurses with greater education will only continue to grow. Registered nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree will likely have better job prospects than those without one.