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New Technology Helps Nursing Students

The health care field is difficult; there are a million different terms, medications, procedures and policies to remember. Any tips or methods to help retain this plethora of information are helpful, but there are some new technological advances that are helping nursing students in Florida do just that.

Being an LVN to RN student requires endless hours of studying and classroom time and regardless of your learning style, the best way to really absorb all of the information is by working hands-on (which is why so many nursing students are terrified of needles.) In Florida’s Gainsville Sun newspaper, it was reported today that there are two nurse led initiatives which will change health care for the better.

This article reports that, “The first is an innovative use of technology that is proven to produce nurses and medical professionals who are better trained in medical procedures, resulting in improved patient care. Called simulation, the training uses sophisticated, life-like robots in real-world settings such as an emergency room or maternity ward. The robots can be programmed to exhibit an endless variety of ailments, symptoms, reactions and responses to the care and treatment administered by the nursing students…Simulation technology, if widely available, has the potential of increasing the capacity of our nursing schools to train more nurses since hospitals and other clinical training centers have a limited number of openings for students each term.”

At the Florida Center for Nursing, they are launching a two year time period to test the success rate of this new training method.

“The second nurse-led transformation under way is much broader in scope and invites a cross- section of the community to participate. Florida is one of fifteen states that is forming a regional action coalition that will bring together business executives, government officials, health industry executives and medical professionals, including nurses, to transform the way Americans receive health care…Since nurses are the largest segment of the health care workforce and have a central role in how health care is delivered in the U.S., it is essential for nurses to take a leadership role to transform the nursing profession and advance heath.”

The world of nursing is ever changing and so is the process of educating these future health care workers. If you are in an LVN to RN program in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out what resources are available near you.

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