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Stats and Facts for New Nurses

Our country needs more nurses. That is no secret and has been the topic for countless articles that I’ve read and posts that I’ve written. However, I figure that since you’re in nursing school, one can never get too much good information on this topic. has posted a new article on this subject with […]

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Nurses Add a Message on Their Scrubs

I thought this story was interesting and thought it you’d like it, too. There are hospitals in England that have nurses wearing “Do Not Disturb” signs over their scrubs so they can get more work done. I doubt this will come stateside, but as a student in an ADN degree program there are a lot […]

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Nurses Can Help Improve Hospital Spending

Nurses are the eyes, ears, hands and heart of the hospital. With such influence, how funds are used and consumed are also within the power of the nursing staff. Those who have graduated from an RN program can help preserve other nurses’ jobs by being more aware of how their time is spent and how […]