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How to Prepare for a Job Interview Part II

You wake up in the morning and your stomach is feeling queasy, you tossed and turned all night and you watch the clock like it’s the finale of American Idol. Either it’s the day of a job interview or you ate too many enchiladas the night before. As an vocational nursing student, finding a job is the apex of all the hard work and dedication put into studying for countless months. Now is not the time to relax!

Nursezone.com has a great article on how to prepare the day of a job interview. Here are a few tips to make the most of this opportunity.

1) Make a great first impression. – “Studies have shown that managers often make hiring decisions within 30 seconds of meeting a candidate. It’s that initial impression that stands out in the interviewer’s mind when they are evaluating you vs. another candidate. This is why dress, grooming, a clear speaking voice and a winning smile are important.”

2) Dress for Success – Ask other nurses what is appropriate for a job interview at a certain location. Different jobs at different hospitals tend to have varying standards. It’s better to be overdressed than too relaxed. Be clean, wrinkle free and polished. “Dressing in neat, professional clothes shows respect for the facility and your nursing career.”

3) Allow plenty of time to get to the interview. – Nothing is worse than arriving late and appearing frazzled. Being early shows your dedication and professionalism. Also, allow time for the unexpected accident, wardrobe malfunction or traffic detour.

4) Listen carefully – Several questions are going to be asked of you. Take a deep breath, carefully listen to what the interviewer is asking and be thorough with your answers without rambling.

5) Ask thoughtful questions. – Inevitably, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions. Be sure to study up on the hospital ahead of time so you can ask insightful questions. “It is also helpful to ask the hiring manager what skills they think are most important to succeed at this job, and then be sure to point out how you have demonstrated those skills in previous situations.”

For vocational nursing students in the San Francisco Bay Area, the interview process can be nerve wracking and stressful, but this is your time to shine! Be confident in your skills and be willing to show that you want to learn. A great job is waiting for you!

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