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Nursing Continues to Offer Many Job Opportunities

One of the great things about nursing is the variety of options that are available. There are part-time positions, graveyard shifts, and opportunities to work in different departments in a hospital. Other specialties allow you to work primarily with children, with seniors or with certain ailments. Let’s face it: the possibilities are endless for students getting health care career training.

The Las Vegas Review Journal highlighted this topic and had great examples about how many people are changing their career paths by furthering their education. One example is as follows: “Back in 2002, Bob Bassett was working as a retail store manager in Elko when the business went bankrupt. He looked for work at large companies in the area that seemed like a sure thing, such as Walmart, Pepsi and Dolly Madison, but there just wasn’t much there. Finally he decided to entirely change direction and get his associate’s degree in nursing — a different kind of customer service, you might say. One may look at becoming a nurse with a bachelors of science degree.

“He worked on the medical/surgical floor of Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital in Elko for a year and went on to get his bachelor’s degree. Then the opportunity came to work in case management, coordinating care for patients. He did that for five years before taking a new position as the hospital’s infection-prevention specialist a few months ago.

“Now Bassett, who is 50, runs a one-man department writing infectious disease prevention policy for the hospital in a job that allows him to be ‘an instrument for change and an advocate for patients,’ he said.”

Depending on your specialty, one great thing about nursing is that it focuses on your skill and education levels, not just your age. Nursing also allows you to change assignments within the medical field if you think that you would be suited better in a different department. The article explains, “Unlike a lot of fields, nursing provides the opportunity to change direction. It can come in the form of additional on-site training, continuing education, advanced degrees or by taking the initiative at the workplace in a profession with both varying specialties and the continual need to adapt to advancements in medical care.”

Nursing provides endless options and great potential for growth. If you are in a Bay Area nursing school, carefully consider every area of study and opportunity to see where your passion and skills line up. The old saying still holds true: If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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