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I’m Glad I Married a Nurse

My husband has been an LVN nurse for about 13 years and I can’t imagine him doing anything else outside of the medical profession. Not only are male nurses more sensitive and compassionate than the average guy, but his career choice has had some pretty good results. Here are the reasons I’m glad I married a nurse:

1) The uniform – Not only does my husband look hot in his scrubs, but they are so convenient. They don’t have to be dry cleaned, they never go out of style (because they’re pretty much never IN style), they don’t have to be ironed and they last a really long time. If my husband worked in an office we’d be spending a fortune on expensive suits, ties, dry cleaning and shiny shoes.

2) There’s always a place to work – For a while my husband and I were considering moving to be closer to (and farther away from some) family members. No matter where we chose to go in the state or country, we knew that there would always be a hospital, clinic, nursing home, or care facility in the area.

3) An opportunity for growth – As an LVN, Vince has a good platform to build on for professional growth. He can go as far as he wants or be content to stay in his current position. The opportunities are endless. (Currently he is pursuing an education to become a fire fighter. His LVN skills certainly give him the upper hand since most on duty calls are medical emergencies.)

4) Convenient scheduling – Currently Vince works the day shift at a detention facility. He leaves at 6:30 am and is home by 4:00 pm. I love that he comes home early and can spend time with our 2 year old daughter (which gives me time to make dinner and have a little break.) Granted, he does work every other weekend which is a bit of a bummer, but he comes home early enough that we can still go out evenings and have fun. He also works every other holiday, but who can argue over holiday pay?

5) He loves being a nurse – All jobs have their ups and downs, but overall my husband loves being a nurse. He loves caring for people, he works with other great nurses with vibrant personalities and it was what he was born to do.

Vocational nursing is a great way to join the medical field. There are so many opportunities and positive factors for choosing this career. I’m glad I married my LVN!