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Nursing Jobs, Become an Instructor

Have you ever felt like you wanted to help people? That you wanted to make a real difference to your community and do something extremely worthwhile? If these are the sorts of questions you answer yes to, then have you ever considered a nursing job?

Nursing is one of those professions which have its roots buried deep in history. Indeed there have always been people who looked after and cared for the sick or injured. In some cultures this would be a ‘medicine man’, in other cultures there were figures such as herbalists and the like. However, nursing only really became recognized as a formal profession relatively recently when Florence Nightingale founded what we now consider as the modern concept of nursing.

Of course, some people may instinctively tell themselves that they could never work in a nursing job because they are too squeamish, or because they wouldn’t be able to cope with the stresses of trying to cope with patients with life threatening diseases or injuries. Of course that may be the case, but this is only one side of nursing. There are many, many other aspects to the job which many people do not realize exist, for instance health or industrial nursing, public health nursing and private duty nursing.

In fact, the nursing domain extends even further than that – one such possible career path is in the nursing instructor field. Of course, before anyone can become a fully qualified nurse they must first go through the necessary training, education and study of both the theoretical and practical aspects of nursing. This in turn means that of course, there needs to be someone there to act as an instructor and tutor to the student nurses.

By working as a nursing instructor not only will you be able to directly help to train and educate a new generation of nurses, but you will also be indirectly helping your community by ensuring that the hospitals in your area have the most highly skilled nursing staff.

Most of your duties will revolve around the student nurses, for example, you will spend most of your working time demonstrating and teaching patient care in the classroom, as well as supervising the student nurses when delivering patient care in clinical units of the hospital. A nursing instructor is also responsible for conducting and supervising laboratory work and issuing assignments.

This is a very rewarding career path, and is essentially what used to be referred to as a ‘job for life’. Let’s just think about that, there will always be a need for individuals who are trained as caregivers, and therefore there will always be a need to the nursing instructors who offer help and guidance through that training. So as you can see, a career as a nursing instructor really is one of the most satisfying and worthwhile nursing jobs in the health care industry today.

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Nursing Shortage Improving (Thanks to Arnold), But Still Not Quite There

Economic Recession. Some say it’s coming, and others say it’s already here. You’ve heard it in the news and have felt it in your wallet. And a lot of other signs appear to agree: falling house prices, the NASDAQ and the DOW, and numerous job cuts.

However, if there are two things that have actually gone up in these financially troubled times, they are gas prices and jobs in the health care industry.

The Chevron Station across the street haughtily showing off its staggering price of $4.28 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas, confirms the increase in this area. But there are more pleasant signs indicating that the demand for jobs in the health care sector has not only increased dramatically in recent years, but will continue to increase for the next few years.

Consider this excerpt from the Modesto Bee:
“Anyone looking for a job in California this spring has to be a little depressed. The collapse of the housing industry has wiped out tens of thousands of jobs in construction and the finance industry. Manufacturing is slumping. Retail is not doing much better. If not for schools, health care, government and information technology, the state’s employers wouldn’t be adding any jobs at all.”

And a lot of that is demand is driven by the need for more nurses. In this employment crunch, everything I’m hearing is about the nursing shortage crisis and how nursing programs are having to turn away prospective students by the hundreds due to the lack of space. The jobs are out there, it’s simply become a rat race for those wanting to get the training to fill those spots.

Fortunately, the state has gotten involved in trying to address this crisis. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (still weird to say that) introduced the California Nurse Education Initiative back in April 2005 to expand the number of nursing programs. The Labor and Workforce Development Agency just released a report earlier in the month stating that California nursing programs are projected to graduate nearly 10,400 registered nurses this year, a 68% increase from the 2003-2004 academic year.

However, “experts” are warning that it’s still too early to declare the nursing shortage over. And many students are still having difficulty grabbing spots at inadequately resourced community colleges. Some have turned to private training programs as viable and immediate options. After all, how many people can really afford to wait?

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Free Housing Assistance? That’s Crazy!!!!

Since 1987, the City of Fremont has operated a very successful scholarship housing program. It allows rent scholarships for students that are completing job related coursework. I think this is a great option for upcoming students in Licensed Vocational Nurse to Registered Nurse (LVN to RN), Medical Assisting (MA), and Pharmacy Technician (PT) Training.

If a student meets ALL of the following conditions, they are eligible for the scholarship program:

  • Are you at least 18 years of age?
  • Are you supporting a family?
  • Do you have a good credit history?
  • Are you a full time student with a GPA of 2.8 or above?
  • Have you been enrolled for a minimum of one quarter or 12 weeks in an eligible training program and have 18 months or less remaining for your certification?
  • Are you committed to a better quality of life?

For more information, please contact Janis Carey at 510-494-4511 or housingandredevelopment@ci.fremont.ca.us

Unitek College Vocational Nursing Ceremony – National Anthem

For one of our 2008 nursing graduations, Unitek College put together a National Anthem video with some nursing pictures. Check it out.

For details about the Unitek College RN training program, please visit Unitek College.

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Healthcare Jobs Strong; Even In Fears of Recession

With a degree in nursing, Elsa Mendoza didn’t have to look far for a job. After receiving her degree in nursing from Unitek College in 2007, the 25-year-old Elsa applied for positions at four local hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area; (Kaiser, Stanford Hospital, El Camino Hospital, and Good Samaritan). Elsa soon received four job offers from all four hospitals. Within a short period of time Elsa was earning an annual income of more than $65,000 and only working four days a week.

As the fears of recession build up, employees begin to worry about their future, fortunately nursing jobs are one of the five careers that are recession proof according to Yahoo.

“As long as people continue to get sick, there will be a need for nurses. Nurses perform perhaps the most critical role of all–they save lives and prevent illness. And with demographic shifts putting extra strain on the health care system, nurses are experiencing unprecedented demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts nearly 30 percent growth in nursing jobs through 2014, the second largest increase of any occupation.”

Did your profession make the top five recession proof careers?