what are some new medical advances

Exciting Developments in Medicine

Some of us might feel a little depressed after we read the news, but it doesn’t always have to be that way! The technological age has seen various developments in healthcare. Every year, we seem to hear about more exciting, outlandish techniques. Recently, we learned about two new developments that’ll knock your socks off. Blood […]

how do you define healthcare

Another Look at the Future of Healthcare Technology

In a previous blog post, we looked at some exciting predictions for the future of healthcare. Today, we’re going to continue that post, and delve into some other technology that you just might see in the coming years! First, how do you define healthcare? It is the efforts that trained medical professionals make to restore […]

what healthcare jobs are in demand 2019

A Look at the Future of Healthcare Technology

Every year, we hear about exciting advances in healthcare. As technology continues to improve and more medical breakthroughs reach the news, a greater calling for healthcare professionals also grows behind the scenes. If you’re wondering what healthcare jobs are in demand, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that the healthcare industry will create […]

what healthcare jobs are in demand

Rising Employment Rates in Healthcare

While it can be tough to find a new career, it can also be a life-changing experience! If you’ve always wanted to help others, you might want to think about a career in healthcare. Not only can you work with people, but you’ll also benefit from a certain degree of stability and job security. According […]

What qualifications do you need to be a nurse

Some Fantastic Blogs to Follow

For most professions, networking can be an important step in career advancement. It might also provide you with lifelong connections and relationships. Whether you’re currently in training or you’re a healthcare professional looking to connect with others, blogs are one potential route you can take to find healthcare workers outside of your community. They can […]

Nurse Saves His Own Life From Heart Attack

Nurse Saves His Own Life From Heart Attack

When we hear stories of nurses saving lives, we naturally assume that the life belongs to another person. Just this past week, a nurse stepped in to save the life of a man whose heart stopped beating at a high school volleyball game. “I don`t believe I was a hero. I think anybody could have […]