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Super Bowl 50 : Big Win for Careers in IT

This past weekend, the majority of American televisions tuned in for the Big Game-Denver versus Carolina in Super Bowl 50 on CBS-a game that just happens to have been played a stone’s throw from our Unitek College campus in San Jose. And while Peyton Manning and his Broncos trotted away with the Super Bowl trophy, there was another winner on the field tonight: the game’s rapidly changing technology.

Fans this year were treated to a spectacle unlike any prior year. A record 70 cameras were used to capture every angle of the game (including a camera on the coin flipped just before kickoff). 36 of those cameras were used to provide a 360-degree view of the game, with the ability to “freeze” a moment and examine it from every side. (You might remember seeing something similar in the movie “The Matrix”.) And these new cameras don’t just provide a new view for fans, they also have the potential to change a game’s outcome, as referees are now allowed to view the network footage when reviewing their calls.

The on-screen data also got an upgrade. You may have noticed that in addition to the usual statistics, commentators were able to share incredible detail on players-such as the exact speed a receiver was running when he made that amazing catch. This technological feat was accomplished with miniature tracking tags embedded in players’ equipment-giving coaches and the network the ability to track every movement wirelessly.

The spectacle isn’t the only technology that’s changed. The NFL carts in their own servers, data centers, and specialized cooling equipment for the games. They do this both to make sure the equipment works properly, and because in the highly competitive world of football, coaches simply can’t afford the risk of a cyber attack or espionage during a crucial moment in a game.

With so much on the line, Information Technology experts certified in network security are essential to keeping the big games running smoothly. Not only are these IT experts necessary to keep the sidelines systems running and prying eyes out of confidential files, but they also have the fans to protect. With thousands of mobile devices pouring into the stadiums and logging on to stadium wi-fi, the risk of hackers and phishing scams becomes very real.

These are the situations where qualified IT personnel are vital, and why Information Technology system security continues to be an in-demand, high growth area of the profession. Because you never know where your IT certification will take you-to the NFL sidelines or the servers of a Fortune 500 companies or to any point in between-the faculty at Unitek College does their best to prepare its IT students for all possible futures. It’s why the CompTIA Security+ certification continues to be a major part of our Information Technology certification program, and why we believe our graduates are uniquely qualified for their future career opportunities.

This year’s Super Bowl was just one more example of the enormous leaps technology is taking in our everyday lives. And we once again see the undeniable importance of having a work force that knows how to operate that technology, share that data efficiently, and most importantly, protect that data from those with malicious intent.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Information Technology and getting your network security certification, we’d love to answer any and all of your questions. Simply give us a call and see what Unitek College can do for your future career in Information Technology.