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Start Your Career on the Right Path

          It’s never easy to enter a new career path. “Will I get a job? Am I doing the right thing? What can I expect after I graduate?” All these questions and many more can flood your mind and make you doubt your decisions. Once you enter the field, things may get even harder; but hang in there! When you know the right steps to take, you can avoid unnecessary frustrations.
          RealityRN.com has an interesting article entitled “A Great Start to Your Career: How a new nurse can build a resume” written by Connie Curran. Beyond the fear of one-on-one patient care and hoping you remember everything you learned in class and on rotations, Curran has a couple of valuable tips as you encroach on a new profession.
          Curran suggests that continuing your education should be a top priority throughout your career. If you have your LVN, pursue your RN. If you have your RN degree, look into entering a BSN program. If you have your BSN, why not get a Master’s? “The person with the most skills is going to have the most choices in life… You’ve got the study skills. You’re in the student groove. So stay in the groove, especially since the many hospitals today reimburse you for the tuition.”
          If you’re worried about the added time and expense of more coursework, there are many classes that you can take which will still look good on your resume. “Your employer, for example, may have a course in the hospital on wound care. Often you will get the time off work to take the course. You’re not paying for tuition while adding confidence to yourself and skills to your resume. That will be worth money in your next job, if not your current one.”
          Curran’s second tip is to refine your leadership skills. “Whether you coach baseball, volunteer at church, do blood-pressure screenings – start developing skills that require you initiate activities, manage people, and get things done. Not only will it add joy to your life, it will open up other avenues. A resume is not only about your work and educational experience, it should show your interests as a human being.”
         Experience, education and improving your skills with not only help you as you embark on a new journey, but it will also better you as a person. That’s not such a bad way to live…
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