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Food For Thought

We’ve all been there. You’re hard at work in class, nose deep in a Dental Radiology textbook, and your stomach is dead set on drowning out the teacher with its growling. Working on your Dental Assisting diploma is hard work, and it’s easy to miss a meal or two during the rush. But instead of reaching for a quick candy bar or bag of chips to tide you over, why not consider packing one of our “brain food” snack suggestions below.

Greek Yogurt – Any food product that has that many commercials can’t be a good choice, right? Well, in this case, the snack lives up to the hype. Greek Yogurt is low in sugar but high in protein, which means it will keep you satisfied longer and you won’t have that sugar crash 30-minutes later. You also get the bonus of a huge variety of flavors to choose from.

Eggs – We suggest boiling before packing, but eggs are a brain power boosting super food like none other. Not only are eggs inexpensive, but you get the powerful mix of protein and choline, which boosts brain function and memory—two handy traits when you’re squeezing in all those study hours.

Its not only good, its good for you!

Combine these great ideas into a delicious and healthy breakfast!

Blueberries – Judge them not by their size—a healthy helping of blueberries has been found to prevent memory loss, and they can help increase learning capacity and motor skills. Blueberries are a natural choice if you’re a snacker—just keep a sandwich bag with you and grab a few when you’re feeling peckish.

Dark Chocolate – Okay, don’t go crazy on this one, but small amounts of dark chocolate can be helpful. Not only does it hit you with a little energy, but the snack causes your body to release mood-improving endorphins. Trust us, it’s a lot easier to remember the difference between a “Rad” and a “Rem” if you’re in a good mood.

Pumpkin Seeds – Not to be confused with “Pumpkin Spice” (the flavor that overtakes everything from coffee to ice cream every fall), Pumpkin Seeds are a light, crunchy snack that packs a healthy dose of zinc. And zinc packs a healthy dose of enhanced thinking and memory abilities.

Oatmeal – This one’s a little harder to pack with your textbooks, but eat a good-sized bowl of oats before heading to class and you’ll find you don’t need to pack a snack. Oatmeal provides a slow release of glucose (brain fuel), which keeps you sharp for several hours. And because it breaks down so slowly, it helps you feel full a lot longer.

Apples and Cheese – Okay, this snack isn’t a brain food, but it is considered to be a snack that helps promote healthy teeth, and we figure healthy teeth on a future Dental Assistant is pretty reassuring to all your future dental patients. The calcium in cheese helps strengthen tooth enamel, and the high water content of apples dilutes the fruit’s acids and sugars, plus it helps stimulate saliva which washes away food particles and adds an additional layer of protection against acid.

If you’ve come across any other great study snack ideas, we’d love to hear them! Share them in the comment section below this blog post, and be sure to check back for suggestions from other Unitek College students. Happy studying!


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