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Five Exceptional Nurses Honored

From the oncology nurse who personally organized the biggest bone marrow drive in Arizona for her patient (finding a match for him and seven others), to the RN who chooses to work the night shift so that she can have more time to volunteer during the day – the five winners of the 10th Annual Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award epitomize care and sacrifice.

“Cherokee is thrilled to recognize distinctive healthcare professionals who not only are models for providing exceptional patient care, but who also influence and motivate their peers, and sometimes even entire communities,” said Michael Singer, CEO of Cherokee Uniforms. “We are very proud to honor all of those serving in these critical, often life-saving, professions who combine dedication, intelligence, skill and compassion to benefit thousands of patients every day.”

People like Barbianne Davis – the nurse who was the first responder to a massive fire and inspired a community to rally around the victims and their families – act out of selfless compassion, which is perhaps why they are so deserving of recognition. In this case, it comes in the form of a chiseled glass heart award and all-expenses paid vacations.

Linda Wyman-Collins – Grand Prize Winner (RN)

Linda Wyman Collins’s passion is for improving the lives of people like her, who suffer from hemophilia. Through countless educational, community and legislative efforts she is a true champion of the cause. Her commitment is such that she chooses to work the night shift in order to volunteer more than 1,000 hours each year during the day.

Jill Zuleg – Top National Winner (RN)

Nurse Jill Zuleg made the difficult decision to donate her son’s organs after a fatal accident, keeping him on life support until his organs could be used to save the lives of five others. She has since honored his sacrifice through the Kyle Zuleg Foundation which encourages organ donation.
Barbianne Davis – National Winner (RN)

While off duty, Barbianne Davis was the first responder to a massive fire in her town, triaging victims and firefighters until the break of dawn. She then continued to personally care for each victim and their families for weeks after fire, inspiring her community to do the same.

Sergeant Major Michael Robinson, Grand Prize Winner (VPN)

Michael Robinson is the pioneer for military nursing. In addition to innovating and educating in the field, he volunteers countless hours to improving military care and the care of veterans.

Korinne Ashlock, Top National Winner (LPN)

When Korinne Ashlock’s patient couldn’t find a bone marrow donor, she took it upon herself to find one for him. She organized the largest bone marrow drive in the state of Arizona that year, not only finding a match for her patient, but for seven other patients in need.

Source: www.inspiredcomfort.com