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Conference Highlights Importance of LVNs and RNs

Nurses seem to be the unsung heroes of our society. Politicians hold the future of health care in their hands and it seems like nurses are just expected to sit back and accept the changes. There is a conference that will be held in New Orleans that will address this issue. Whether you are in nursing school to get into Vocational Nursing or are currently taking RN courses, this conference may impact the future of your nursing career.

On Nursezone.com it was reported yesterday that, “The Truth About Nursing will hold its first conference in the lively and historic city of New Orleans on April 15-17, 2011. Empowering Nurses and Improving Care Through Better Understanding of Nursing will help nursing leaders develop and focus their skills in interacting with others in ways that enhance respect for the profession.”

So why should we care what goes on at this conference? Like I’ve said before, what happens in one area of nursing may affect our positions here in California. As a stone thrown into a pond causes a ripple effect, so one loud voice in nursing may impact the way we perform our jobs on a daily basis.

“A stronger nursing profession depends on robust funding for nursing education, research, residencies and clinical practice, as well as the removal of unnecessary barriers to nursing’s full participation in health care work,” said Truth executive director Sandy Summers, who will also speak at the conference. “But nursing’s ability to fulfill its destiny hinges on how much respect decision-makers have for the profession.”

With the current health reform bill bouncing around the halls of Washington, D.C., this conference may cause a greater representation of nurses to be heard. “Too often nursing is omitted from serious discussions of health care, from the bedside to the highest levels in health care institutions and government bodies,” Summers commented.

Those in an LVN program in the San Francisco Bay Area may feel far removed from health care bills and new legislation, but it is so important to remain abreast of the current decisions that are being made on behalf of the health care industry. “In order to improve health care and strengthen nursing, decision-makers must understand the true value of the profession,” said Summers.

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