What is the average salary of an IT professional

Frequently Asked Questions About Information Technology

Welcome to our final installment of the FAQ Series! Today, we’re going to look at frequently asked questions for Information Technology professionals. If you’re a fast learner, a critical thinker, and a complex-problem solver, then IT support could be a rewarding career for you! Check out these FAQs to learn more about the fast-growing field […]

IT students adjusting wires in the tower of a computer

Unitek College’s First Information Technology Students Tackle a PC Tear Down

Unitek College welcomed the first group of students into its new Information Technology Diploma Program. The program aims to provide students with a strong technological foundation by preparing them to pass six certification exams. Instructor Carrie S. leads the program, imparting more than five years of IT instructional, managerial, and training experience to her students. […]