Vocational Nursing Career Overview

Vocational Nursing is a noble profession that places emphasis on accountability, integrity, and personal growth. Vocational Nurses not only play a vital role in healthcare, but they provide an essential service for their patients and their communities. As a career, Vocational Nursing often promises stability and fulfillment.

On the surface, nurses are healthcare professionals that complete critical tasks, such as running tests, updating charts, and changing intravenous fluids. However, they are also a source of safety and security for their patients. Nurses make their patients laugh, they reassure their family members, and they treat them with kindness. In short, nurses are the driving force behind patient comfort and the champions of their wellbeing.

Licensed Vocational Nurses, or LVNs, are responsible for various duties

They monitor their patients, report negative reactions to treatment, and record relevant patient information. In California, LVNs are allowed to administer prescribed medications and start IVs. They can also provide care for patients that are dependent on ventilators. Additionally, LVNs supervise nursing assistants and instruct patients on how to maintain good health habits.

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