Medical Assistant Career Overview

Medical Assistants are instrumental in patient care. They prepare patients for examinations, explain treatment procedures, and help them feel at ease. Generally speaking, they are usually the first and last person a patient sees during their visit. Because of this, Medical Assistants are often seen as patient liaisons. If you are empathetic, organized, and team oriented, then Medical Assisting could be a great career choice for you.

Medical Assistants are healthcare professionals that complete both administrative and clinical tasks. They are vital to the healthcare ecosystem, and they help keep offices, clinics, and laboratories running smoothly. Typically, Medical Assistants work at the following places: physician offices, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, private healthcare facilities, health industry providers, and industrial firms that require healthcare personnel.

In general, Medical Assistants are responsible for various duties

Their administrative tasks will usually include the following: answer telephones, schedule appointments, order supplies, and greet patients. They also maintain patient charts and arrange for various laboratory services. Some Medical Assistants have accounting duties as well. Clinical tasks vary depending on the employer and the facility, but they may include recording medical histories and vital signs, readying patients for examination, and assisting physicians during examinations.

Medical Assistants do many tasks. MA’s may prepare laboratory specimens and sterilize medical equipment. Generally, they can also take electrocardiograms and remove sutures. However, Medical assistants should not be confused with physician assistants. Physician Assistants have the credentials to diagnose and treat patients under the direct supervision of a physician.

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