Ways To Relax Between Medical Assistant Classes

Ways To Relax Between Medical Assistant Classes

Ways To Relax Between Medical Assistant Classes

Ways To Relax Between Medical Assistant Classes

The Medical Assistant career path is one of the faster growing careers in the country, with a projected growth of 29% (well above average). And it makes complete sense that these jobs are in demand. According to the American Association of Medical Assistants, these hard workers don’t just help medical staff by performing patient care duties (such as prepping patients, drawing blood, or running lab tests depending on the workplace), Medical Assistants also handle the lion’s share of clerical responsibilities as well.

Why wouldn’t a doctor’s office or clinic want more of these people around?

“No matter where I work, interacting with patients and helping them physically as well as mentally by putting them at ease is what I love most,” shares medical assistant Angela Geraldo. “Bringing patients peace of mind and compassion and a place to vent is what I bring to any office.”

But no matter how much you love your job, or how much you enjoy studying and learning how to become a medical assistant, everyone needs a break from time to time—even healthcare superheroes.

Fortunately for those studying at Unitek College, there are plenty of opportunities to kick back and enjoy some local flavor. So while doing your medical assisting program in the Bay Area, here are a few attractions to help you recharge.

Ghirardelli Square is more than just a delicious piece of chocolate. It’s also a quaint shopping and dining area down in Fisherman’s Wharf. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to help take your mind off any upcoming medical assisting classes, and a beautiful seaside view to boot.

Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve is a Bay Area getaway for those who like a little more green in their surroundings. Enjoy a hike through 61 acres of eucalyptus forest, and brush up on some of your San Francisco history while you’re in there.

The Speakeasy requires a little planning in advance (such as reservations), but it’s worth it. According to their website, visitors can “step back in time to 1923 as 35 characters lead you on a ‘choose your own adventure’ into the depths of the Prohibition Era. Song and dance, comedy and drama, casino-style gaming and killer cocktails are among the many delights you will encounter as you explore the secret passages and hidden rooms of The Palace Theater.”

Mount Diablo is the perfect spot for Bay Area Medical Assistants who literally want to rise above their worries and just enjoy the view. At nearly 4,000 feet, Mount Diablo offers a view of the Bay Area you won’t find anywhere else.

The Golden Gate Bridge is an obvious recommendation, but this list just wouldn’t be complete without it. If you have enough time between medical assisting classes, why not walk across this national landmark? You can’t beat the price of admission (free).

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has enough mind-boggling artistic beauty to take anyone’s mind off that upcoming medical assisting test. The SFMOMA features photography, painting, sculpture, performance art, and installations that can easily distract for a half or full day.

The Point Reyes National Seashore isn’t so much a quick afternoon getaway, but if you have a weekend between classes or work and don’t mind a drive, this is a local Bay Area spot that’s tough to beat. The area is also a Tule Elk Reserve, so keep an eye out for enormous antlers.

There are hundreds of other activities for medical assistants and medical assistant students to enjoy in the Bay Area (these are just a few favorites), so get out there, explore, and enjoy studying and working in one of the most exciting cities in the country.

Just don’t completely forget about classes… there are a lot of busy clinics eager to have you on board!

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