Maria Audry P.

Voices from the Frontlines: Maria Audry P.

How one Admissions Director puts others before self during a pandemic

In San Francisco, California, Maria Audry works as an Admissions Director for a post-acute rehabilitation center. It’s her job to welcome new residents while assisting them with the admission process. While her typical day includes reviewing hospital referrals for new patients entering her facility, Maria strives to ensure that each resident has a pleasant stay in her care.

Above all else, Maria’s family has been her primary concern during the pandemic.

Despite the daily stressors that she must face, Maria valiantly carries on and continues to lead her facility while caring for patients and staff alike.

If the situation ever becomes overbearing, Maria urges us to remember these simple yet effective words: “This too shall pass!”

These are just a few reasons why we’ve chosen to feature Maria Audry P. as one of our amazing Healthcare Heroes.

Maria Audry P.

Admissions Director in San Francisco, CA

Graduate of Unitek College, 2016
Woman with long, dark hair wearing a grey cardigan

What made you choose your current career?

My mentor helped me choose.

What are the typical responsibilities for someone in your position?

Reviewing referrals from the hospital to come to the facility. Welcoming residents to the facility. Completing admission paperwork. Ensuring that each resident has a pleasant stay while in our care.

How has the pandemic affected your work?

The reviewing process of referrals from the hospital is now a longer process.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your job in recent weeks?

The feeling of worry that I may bring COVID19 home to my love ones.

What aspects of your healthcare training have prepared you for the current crisis?

The education that was provided to me by my alma mater, especially from Ms. Jessica Chua!

What do you appreciate most about your job?

Being able to help people who are in need and seeing them go back home with their loved ones.

How do you find balance? What do you do to maintain your composure during stressful moments at work?

I ask myself the following question: Is there anything I can do to fix the situation at hand? If the answer is no, then there’s no point in stressing about it.

I would also go out and get some fresh air.

Any words of advice or inspiration you’d like to share with other healthcare workers who may be coping with similar challenges?

This too shall pass!

What advice would you share with future generations of healthcare professionals?

Listen to your instructors!

Thank You!

We’re deeply grateful to Maria for sharing her story as she continues to lead her facility during the battle against COVID-19. In such a tragic and unprecedent event, we appreciate Maria’s altruism and positivity.

The perseverance of healthcare workers across the globe has been nothing short of inspirational. Throughout history, healthcare and EMS workers have always been the true heroes of our communities.

Our hearts are with them and we will always honor them for their service.