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Your Best Foot Forward: Choosing The Right Nursing Shoes

Nurses are no strangers to the pains of aching feet and empty stomachs, and this week’s blog post aims to help you out with both, starting with the rumbling of a missed meal. This Wednesday, June 14, Chipotle restaurants nationwide are offering nurses a “Code Burrito”-bring in your nurse’s ID to for a “buy one, […]

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Men Who Hesitate To Become Nurses… And Why They Shouldn’t

Despite a desperate need for qualified nurses nationwide, one group of eligible workers is still hesitant to put on the nursing scrubs… men. As of the beginning of this year, roughly 9 million American men are looking for work, yet less than 10% of the country’s nursing force is male. For one reason or another, […]

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Make Your Nursing Resume Unforgettable

Nursing is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States, but just because more career opportunities exist for nurses doesn’t mean that you get to skip all the fun of job hunting. You still need to locate the perfect position, fill out the application, and of course have a sparkling resume. There’s nothing […]