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The 20 Highest Paying Cities for Dental Assistants in 2021

These U.S. Cities Pay Dental Assistants the Highest Salaries Based on Cost of Living Dental Assisting is one of the fastest-growing jobs in healthcare. It’s a career that offers job security, decent pay, and hands-on skills. Many people who enter this field prefer to work with their hands rather than at a desk. They also […]

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Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) Review & Study Guide

Essential Test Prep Tips to Help You Pass the RDA Exam the First Time Dental Assistants (DAs) play a critical role in the field of oral health. They do everything from sterilizing dental instruments and performing X-rays to assisting the dentist during our oral exams. (Click here to learn how to become a Dental Assistant). […]

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Top 7 Free Fitness Applications to Keep You Healthy While Gyms Remain Closed

In the U.S., many states have begun to reopen. As we go through this process, some places may be slower to open their doors than others. Based on the type of venue or business, various establishments will likely take more time to reopen as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of the public. In […]

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Top 10 Meditation Apps (& Videos) for Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

The Ultimate Resource Guide to Meditation and its Benefits Life is fast-paced and, all too often, we barely have the time to catch our breath. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many non-essential workers have stayed indoors, uncertain of the future and the state of the world. Nearly everyone has experienced some level of fear and anxiety. […]

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The 8 Best Web Apps to Sharpen Your Skills During the Pandemic

Check Out Our List of Top Online Learning Resources for Students and Educators Since COVID-19 took the world by storm, many of us have stayed indoors and practiced social distancing. This has meant virtual work for non-essential workers and homeschooling for parents. Of course, countless students have also transitioned to online classes. It goes without […]

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17 Activities to Entertain Your Children this Summer

Keeping Your Kids Busy While Safeguarding Your Sanity During the Pandemic As summer approaches, it can be daunting to think of how to entertain your kids. This is only compounded when you factor in the pandemic. Due to COVID-19, many of us have stayed home and struggled to keep our sanity. If that sounds like […]