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Building a Career – and a Friendship

Rhonda and Amie became friends on their first day of Medical Assisting classes at Unitek College. Now they are working for the same employer in jobs that they love. We asked them about their training, their transition into the workforce, and working together.

Why did you choose Unitek College?

Rhonda: “For me, it was about flexibility, because I’m a single mom. So I wanted that motto ‘get in and get out.’ I didn’t want to be in school for a year and a half. I didn’t have that time. So I chose MA. My whole family is in healthcare, so I stayed away from it my whole life. So Medical Assisting is a place to start, I’m not sure if I want to go into Nursing. So that’s why I picked Unitek College … Unitek College is much more reasonable than Heald as far as price goes. And the loans were very helpful. So obviously it was a great choice, because not only I found all that, but I found a great teacher in Dr. Ghazali.”

Amie: “She was an inspiration to us.”

Rhonda: “She was a great mentor for me. Growing up, I never really had any teachers that I looked up to or wanted to learn from. And she was the first person I paid attention to, and I got straight A’s in her class. I listened to everything that came out of her mouth – I wanted to learn from her.”

Did you get hired right away?

Rhonda – “My friend referred me. I decided to go in for the [interview] experience. But when I went in for the interview, it was a totally different feel. Like I just knew I was supposed to work there. I felt it instantly, walking through. I got the job a week later. [My boss] asked if I knew anybody [to hire]. And I knew Amie would be perfect. We met on the first day of class, and bonded, she’s one of my best friends, and now one of my coworkers. We’re a great team. I knew she was the one. She was very knowledgeable, she helped me through school, I went to her for a lot of things in school, and I still go to her for a lot of things at work. She is the only person I would have referred because I knew she had the capability to perform the job. My boss loved her phone interview, loved her.”

What was your experience like before you got the job working together?

Amie – “Before I even got hired with Rhonda, I worked at my extern site. They hired me as a temp, so I floated to all their clinics within the surrounding cities. So I was lucky, I got a good site that was willing to show me things and [expand on] the basics I learned here. I would see like five or six different specialties – internal med, cardiology, eccrinology, so I had a good extern site. So in regards to what I learned here, and bringing it to the field – you do learn the basics. But you have to have the mindset that it won’t just be the basics every day. You are always going to be learning more, there is always going to be more intense things to come. But at least I got a good building block here.”

Rhonda – “I feel blessed every day that I got this job. I’m learning so much. I feel like I’m a part of team. I feel important on a daily basis – because of what we do, you know, we make a difference. So it’s definitely that and more. I am so lucky, and so happy I went with MA.”