We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and taking the necessary steps to help protect the health and safety of our students, staff, and community. Please visit the links below for up to date campus information as well as resources available to you.

Online Instruction Only, No Campus Access

Students receive classroom instruction online, while faculty and administrative staff are available remotely to offer support to students.  Neither students nor staff are allowed on campus at this time until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will students be away from campus?
    • We do not know at this point; we are taking directions from each of the local authorities. When any “shelter in place” is lifted we will be able to rotate students through the various labs on campus in compliance with any local authority.
  • How will attendance be tracked?
    • CANVAS will be used to capture student attendance. It is imperative that students log into CANVAS for their class sessions.
  • Is the lecture going to be Monday or Friday?
    • Classes will resume on 3/23/2020 online – Lectures will be scheduled at your normal on-ground class times. If there is a change to your schedule, your faculty will let you know.
  • What time do we have to log in on Mondays?
    • For Monday classes as well as the other days of the week, you will log in at your normal on-ground class times.
  • How will we do sims lab?
    • Online clinical simulation will be utilized but each program is unique; stay tuned for further information from your program director or faculty.
  • Are clinicals cancelled or how will we complete those hours?
    • Clinical hours will be completed through the use of online simulation. Each program is unique; stay tuned, you will receive further information from your Program Director or faculty.
  • What will be done for students who only have clinicals/exams left?
    • For any students in this situation, an academic plan will be created for students to follow. The campus program director will be providing further guidance to students in this situation.
  • Will this push our graduation date?
    • We are making every effort to minimize or eliminate impacts to your graduation date.
  • If my graduation date keeps getting pushed back, does that mean I now have less time to find a job and have enough money to pay back my loan in 6 months?
    • If this question is in regard to the 6-month grace period for repayment of student loans, the grace period does not start until you actually graduate. That means if your graduation date is moved back, the grace period will also move back.
  • How will my VA benefits be impacted by moving my classes online?
    • Emergency Legislation passed on 3/18/2020 that allow Veterans to maintain their same level of funding, despite the online delivery. Your Financial Aid representative will be sending more information to our Veterans via an alert.