Associate Degree in Vocational Nursing (ASVN)

This Program is offered at the Fremont Campus (however all General Education courses are online). Graduates of an approved program in Vocational Nursing or Practical Nursing may apply for admission to Unitek College’s Associate Degree in Vocational Nursing (ASVN). Such applicants may apply for credit granting of their completed Vocational Nursing or Practical Nursing courses. The ASVN program builds on the same course sequence as the Vocational Nursing Certificate program by adding the General Education and Science pre-requisite courses common to the LVN-to-RN Transition Associate of Science Degree in Nursing.

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Program Overview

The goal of this program is to educate and develop Vocational Nursing students to not only successfully pass the NCLEX-PN licensing exam but also to become more well-rounded professionals through undergraduate General Education.

The program is designed to enhance students’ critical thinking, verbal and written communication, and science knowledge thereby expanding employment opportunities to employers requiring or preferring an Associate Degree. The program totals 75 semester credit hours. It contains 15 nursing courses and 8 General Education courses and can be completed in 21 months (or less, depending on approved credit transfers).

Students will receive an Associate of Science Degree in Vocational Nursing upon completion of the program.

Program Objectives

  • Graduate VNs who are able to interact with patients/clients in a professional and respectful manner with an understanding of cultural differences and the psychological and social effects of illness and injury.
  • Graduate VNs who demonstrate appropriate and effective written, verbal and nonverbal communication with patients/clients, their families, colleagues and the community.
  • Graduate VNs will be able to assist in the formulation of a systematic problem-solving approach to deliver basic nursing care to clients and implement approaches within ethical-legal limitations.
  • Graduate VNs will be able to assist in the coordination of patient care as a member of the health care team within the organizational framework of a structured health care setting.
  • Graduate VNs will assume responsibility as a member of the nursing profession by demonstrating accountability for practice, promoting the practice of vocational nursing and participating in health promotion.

Program Format

Vocational Nursing (VN) courses are taught through means of instructor-led training for both theoretical and hands-on labs. Instructors engage students in lecture, discussion, group activities, group projects, presentations, assignments and exams. VN courses allow a maximum of 36 students per class.

General Education courses are taught 100% online using Unitek College’s online learning system. These courses are Instructor-led, and the Instructors engage students through discussion forums, online office hours, assignments and group projects/discussions, and exams.

General Education courses allow a maximum of 20 students per class (additional General Education class sessions may be scheduled to accommodate additional students).

Corresponding Occupation

Students will receive an Associate of Science Degree in Vocational Nursing upon completion of the program. Students passing the NCLEX-PN exam will be licensed to work as a Vocational Nurse in California.

Acquisition of an Associate Degree on top of the VN License opens additional opportunities for employment not only in traditional healthcare settings such as clinic site, physician offices, sub-acute and long term care but also in education, research and pharmaceutical companies as well as companies that provide equipment for nursing and health care facilities.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Gainful Employment disclosure related to this program can be read in our Associate Degree in Vocational Nursing (ASVN) Program Gainful Employment Disclosure page.

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