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Getting The Best Of Your Blues

For nurses to provide the best care for sick patients, nurses have to be healthy themselves. This means good physical health, obviously, and staying ahead of illnesses through good diet, good sleep, and regular check-ups. But mental health can play just as big a part in a nurse’s overall health, and sometimes, can be one […]

Another Victory In The War On Cancer

The medical world is abuzz this month after the FDA unanimously approved a new treatment for leukemia. And this treatment isn’t another round of harsh chemicals or radiation-instead, it uses “gene therapy” to train the body’s white blood cells to attack cancer cells. It’s the beginning of what many are calling the “living drug” era, […]

Can You Give Shots Without A Needle? Science Says Yes!

Ask a group of people why they hate going to the doctor and you’ll get a variety of answers—the bill, the waiting room, cold stethoscopes, etc. One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear is that many people hateneedles and hate getting shots. But thanks to a new breakthrough, we may soon be able to get […]

Caring for the Mind: Life as a Psychiatric Nurse

Not all nurses put on their scrubs and go to work to suture wounds, change IV’s, and treat physical illnesses. Nurses working in the psychiatric realm of medical care can often have very different experiences from their counterparts in the emergency room, and they are just as valuable. Right now, 1 in 5 Americans deals […]