Earn your Bachelor
of Science in
Nursing Degree

Make a career out of caring

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at Unitek College opens the doors to work as a registered nurse in these healthcare settings, among others: complex and critical care, acute care, long-term care, community health nursing, school nursing, and home health. The BSN program prepares graduates for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam.

Unitek College Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

The BSN program is a pre-licensure program that can be completed in 2 or 3 years (depending on credit transfer), with three 16-week semesters per year. The first year consists of pre-requisite general education (GE) courses. The second and third years of the program consist of core nursing courses and upper division GE courses. The total number of units for the BSN curriculum is 120 units. There will be a total of 74 units required for licensure and 46 units of other degree requirements.

Registered Nurse Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Record patient medical histories and symptoms
  • Administer patient medicines and treatments
  • Set up plans for patient care or contribute to existing plans
  • Observe patients and record the observations
  • Consult and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • Operate and monitor medical equipment
  • Help perform diagnostic tests and analyze the results
  • Teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses or injuries
  • Explain what to do at home after treatment

Enrollment Process

To enroll in the Unitek College Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program, a prospective student must complete the admissions requirements which includes the following:

  • Career planning session and admissions interview
  • Submit proof of high school education or equivalent
  • Entrance assessment test
  • Financing arrangements and, if applicable, all documents needed to obtain an official award letter for Federal Student Aid
The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program is available at the Fremont Campus.