Renowned Nursing Theorist Dr. Jean Watson to Speak at 2018 Unitek Conference

Renowned Nursing Theorist Dr. Jean Watson to Speak at 2018 Unitek Conference:
Infusing Caring into Teaching and Learning

Fremont, California – August 6, 2018 – Unitek Learning is thrilled to announce that on November 12, 2018, world-renowned nursing theorist Dr. Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, will serve as keynote speaker at the Third Annual Unitek Conference in Fremont, California. This year, the theme is “Infusing Caring into Teaching and Learning.” The event will focus on the impact of caring attributes on student learning experiences.

At the conference, Dr. Watson will introduce her theory of caring principles or Caritas™. Throughout her career, Dr. Watson has emphasized the importance of caring and healing for the public. Her ultimate goal is one that Unitek shares: to help transform healthcare “one caregiver, one educator, one leader, one system at a time.” According to Dr. Watson, nurses and other healthcare personnel provide the best care possible when they care for themselves first.

“This principle holds true for faculty as well,” said Dr. Abdel Yosef, Chief Academic Officer at Unitek Learning. “In order for educators to practice caring in their teaching, and effectively prepare students to care for their clients, they must learn to care for themselves first. Among other concepts, our goal at this conference is to explore the impact of caring transference between teachers and learners and the strategies for setting up a caring environment in our classrooms.”

The conference will begin at 8:00 am with a meet and greet breakfast. Unitek’s leadership team will then provide a warm welcome to participants from academia, health care and the extended community. Afterwards, Dr. Jean Watson will deliver her keynote address. A dynamic panel discussion with academic and executive officers will directly follow the keynote address. Concurrent sessions will take place after lunch, with presentations by Unitek academic members as well as several community partners. The conference will conclude by 4:00 pm with closing remarks.

“We are honored to have Dr. Watson as our keynote speaker,” said Janis Paulson, Chief Executive Officer at Unitek Learning. “Unitek believes in the importance of integrating the Caritas™ processes into our educational practices in order to transcend the student learning experience.”

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