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Unitek College Welcomes Oikos Faculty and Students to Fremont

Following the tragic shooting that killed six students and a receptionist at Oikos University in Oakland, the Nursing Training school, Oikos University, is struggling to get its nursing students to resume classes.  The nursing students of the small Christian university are scheduled to resume classes shortly but are understandably still shaken from the shocking event. Many are still traumatized by the events of April 2nd and are fearful of returning to the site where they saw their classmates and friends brutally gunned down in cold blood. To help with the transition of returning to classes, Unitek College has extended an invitation to Oikos University faculty and students to use facilities in its campus in Fremont.

The classes will be conducted by Oikos University faculty. Unitek College’s executive leadership have extended this help to Oikos in an effort to help the faculty and students move forward with their program, and to try and put the tragic shooting behind them. Nav Bawa, COO, Unitek College said “The students and faculty at Oikos University are devastated by this tragedy. We want to do everything we can to help them feel safe, and continue on with their education and careers.”

This is not the first time Unitek College has reached out to students of other institutions. Just this past February, Unitek College administrators assisted students who were victimized by the sudden shutdown of the Institute of Medical Education. Unitek College had reached out to IME’s students and provided guidance and training options to students who had lost all other training options.

The Oikos tragedy shooter and former student, One L. Goh has been formally charged with seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder since the deadly shooting spree that took place on April 2nd. He has yet to enter a formal plea. Oikos’ future is still up in the air, but thanks to partners such as Unitek College, the students can move forward and focus on their future.



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