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Having Trouble Finding a Job?

The nursing field is booming and nurses are in high demand for hospitals, clinics and in the private sector. Are you having a hard time finding an LVN job? Check to see if you are making these mistakes.

On Scrubsmag.com, there is an article providing by NursingLink that gives five reasons why some nurses are having difficulties landing a position:

1) Read the job description – If the job is requiring a certain amount of experience or training that you don’t have and you apply anyway, you’re probably wasting your time and the interviewers. “With so many job applicants, recruiters are naturally going to pick the best of the best, and that means you’ve got to meet every single one of the job requirements, at the very least. But that doesn’t mean you should give up, either. If you find yourself not meeting a certain job requirement time after time, do something about it! Take a certificate course, or brush up on your bedside manner. Nothing shows dedication like taking action.”

2) Word play – Make sure your resume is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Also, use the key words used in the job description to re-emphasize your qualifications. I would also recommend asking a fellow nurse or even a professor to look over your resume to get their opinion on your word usage.

3) Job search tactics – Where are you looking for your job listings? Classified ads, human resources and hospital job boards are outdated and not always up to the minute. “The right social network can connect you directly with the job you want. Use Monster to find jobs in your field, post a resume and find your calling with their new Career Mapping tool, and LinkedIn and NursingLink to maintain your connections.”

4) Not the right fit – You could do everything right and still not get the job. Shake off the dust and trust that there is a better job just waiting for you.

Looking for a job is nerve wracking and stressful but when you know the right things to do, the doors will open. When you have your LVN degree, you’re halfway there to a brand new future!

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