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The Top 10 Food Challenge Destinations Near You (Part 1)

Looking for something to do that offers a challenge? Got an appetite? If so, you’re in luck – food challenges pit your stomach and intestinal fortitude against some of the tastiest (and strangest) dishes on the West Coast. So, what’s on the menu?

Pho Garden Challenge

Grab your appetite and sit down for the Pho Garden challenge. You’ll have to down two pounds of beef and two pounds of noodles, all combined into one massive bowl. On top of that, you only have an hour.

Suki Sushi Challenge

If you have a hankering for sushi, then the Suki sushi challenge is right up your alley. Located in South Sacramento, the challenge is only available by appointment, and involves consuming four pounds of “specialty” sushi rolls within 60 minutes.

The King of Sacramento Cheesesteak Challenge

The Cheesesteak Shop down in Sacramento has a meaty challenge for you. You’ll have to cram two cheesesteaks (15-inches each), a large drink, a Tastycake and a large order of fries down your gullet in under 60 minutes.

521 Burger

From McCovey’s Restaurant, the 521 burger is massive. It contains 44 ounces of meat and all the toppings, combined with a huge bun.

Iguana’s Burritozilla

Iguana’s down in San Jose brings you this five-pound burrito crammed full of meat, beans and cheese. You get your choice of meats and measures 18 inches.

Keep reading for Part 2 of this list.