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Now is the Time to Become a Medical Assistant

In a tight economy, people are looking to get an education quick and they are not willing to spend half of a lifetime paying off student loans from universities or big name colleges. These are some of the reasons why many are going to medical assistant school.

According to USNews.com, the outlook on the medical assistant field is consistently going up. As reported by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), job growth in this field will be much faster than average, with excellent job opportunities. Also, the BLS acknowledges that medical assistants are among the fastest growing careers in the upcoming years.

USNews.com also describes the different roles that medical assistants will perform in a variety of health offices. “Typically they prepare patients to be seen by the physician. They record medical history and measure vital signs, such as height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate. Medical assistants also perform administrative duties, often reporting to an office manager.

“In larger practices, medical assistants may specialize. Administrative medical assistants update patient records, complete insurance forms and arrange for hospital admissions. They may greet patients, schedule appointments and process billing.

“Clinical medical assistants perform more direct patient care. They may collect laboratory specimens, assist physicians during examinations and sterilize medical instruments. Those with advanced training often draw blood, remove sutures and change dressings.”

With so many different roles that medical assistants play, it’s no wonder their demand is also on the rise. “The BLS predicts employment in this field will grow much faster than the average for all occupations. Job growth will occur as the result of the growth and aging of the population and associated demand for healthcare. Increasing use of medical assistants will allow physicians to see more patients.”

Another interesting fact from the BSL is that, “medical assistants held approximately 495,970 jobs; most worked in physicians’ offices. Other were employed by hospitals, other healthcare providers, outpatient care centers, and colleges and universities.”

The ability to get a Medical Assisting education is very attainable. So it’s obvious why so many are going back to school to get their certification as a medical assistant.

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