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National Conference for Retail Pharmacy Professionals Kicks Off in San Diego

Representatives from more than 130 companies gathered in San Diego on August 30 for the start of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Pharmacy and Technology Conference 2010—one of the country’s leading annual gatherings for retail pharmacy professionals.

The annual event, which runs until August 31, is a chance for high-profile members of the retail pharmacy industry to share their insights and market forecasts with associates, political leaders and members of the media. According to the NACDS site, the lucrative industry generates more “$200 billion” in the annual sales of over the counter medication, prescription drugs and “home healthcare” products.

In addition to providing a platform for retail pharmacy leadership, the NACDS Pharmacy and Technology conference offers mass merchants representing over 80,000 associated retail outlets a chance to showcase the latest in pharmacy store goods, services and technologies. Many of products previewed at the NACDS show will benefit industry professionals nationwide, including San Francisco pharmacy technicians.

The Pharmacy & Technology Conference Chairman and Vice President of Hy-Vee Inc. gave the opening remarks in a special address to event attendees. Egeland, himself a registered pharmacist, stressed the importance of meeting customer “health and wellness needs” by collaborating across departments. He also encouraged attendees to appreciate the perspective of retail pharmacy customers.

“I challenge you to look at it from the view of patients and consumers. The fact is that patients and consumers are the same people. They need healthcare products and services, and many other things we carry in our stores. They lead lives – whole lives that can’t be understood in neat and tidy segments. I am better at what I do because I have the chance to engage on the bigger picture. We need to share that opportunity with others we work with back home,” Egeland said.

In San Diego as well other areas in southern and northern California numerous customers of NACDS-affiliated stores count on retail professionals, like Sacramento pharmacy technicians, to assist them with a variety of medication and healthcare needs.

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Recent Mobile Applications Designed for Pharmacy Customers on the Go

If recent product launches are any indication, more pharmacy customers may soon be getting their prescription alerts in digital-based formats. In a press release issued August 4, Acclaim Telecom Services, a leading speech-recognition communications company, announced the upcoming release of their Smart Mobile RX application for smartphone and email users.

The Dallas-based company designed the application for use by pharmacies that are currently on their Enterprise Pharmacy System and PDX Pharmacy System brand prescription filling software. Participating pharmacies and related professionals, like San Francisco pharmacy technicians, can use the Smart Mobile RX app to notify customers, via email or rich-text format messages, of important services like medication refills.

Made for use with almost any kind of email client or smartphone, the soon-to-be released technology can also be applied to traditional phone messages. The versatile new product will be introduced at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores’ (NACDS) Pharmacy and Technology Conference, August 28-31 in San Diego, California.

James Davis, President of Acclaim Telecom Services, Inc., shared his enthusiasm for the product on the Aug. 4 announcement:

“Acclaim’s Smart Mobile RX allows any brand of Smart Phone, for the first time, to provide consumers with additional features through the use of a single interactive portal eliminating the need to develop separate applications for each unique mobile device. Smart Mobile RX’s feature rich message offerings save valuable time and money while enabling Pharmacy Retailers to increase store revenues,” Davis said.

Another example of mobile technology now available to Sacramento pharmacy technicians,  Bay Area pharmacy technicians  and other pharmacy professionals is the iPhone application and relaunched mobile site from Walgreens.

In an announcement this June, Walgreens confirmed the new and updated mobile features provide customers with text alerts regarding prescription refills and special offers. The text message technology is currently available to iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphone users. Customers also have the option of receiving texts in English or Spanish.

In the June press release, Mark Wagner, Walgreens’ executive vice president of operations and community management, expressed his support of mobile technology.

“Text alerts are a valuable time-saving tool and the latest example of how our mobile applications are further connecting the Web to Walgreens stores and pharmacies, giving customers on-the-go convenience wherever they are,” he said.

Walgreens originally launched their mobile application in fall 2009. The revised version includes mobile prescription refill capabilities, a store locator, and the ability to browse product reviews.

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Senate Approves Funding for Medicaid Extension

The U.S. Senate voted today to approve federal funding extensions for Medicaid programs throughout the country, reported the pharmacy-focused news sources Chain Drug Review and Drug Store News.

According to coverage by Drug Store News reporter Alaric DeArment, the 61-39 vote supporting the supplemental Medicaid funding was due, in large part, to a strong push by the U.S. retail pharmacy lobby and “an extension of the higher federal medical assistance percentage [FMAP] that was included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.”

The report also states that the bill, which could impact industry professionals like Sacramento pharmacy technicians, is set for a vote next week in the U.S. House of Representatives. Identical forms of the proposed legislation must be passed by the Senate and House before President Obama can sign the bill into law.

One of the bill’s biggest supporters, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), says members of the House are expected to postpone their annual August trips to their home districts for next week’s vote.

The NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson shared his support of the Senate vote in a press release issued today on the organization’s website:

“This enhanced federal funding of state Medicaid programs is important for the prevention of additional cuts to pharmacy services and pharmacy access at the state level. Pharmacy access is vital to helping patients take their medications correctly, which is essential for maintaining patient health and preventing dramatic increases in long-term healthcare costs, particularly in the treatment of chronic disease,” Anderson stated.

The extension of the FMAP, or Federal Medical Assistance Percentage, would allow state Medicaid programs will continue to receive matching funds from the government. For Medicaid recipients, including many low-income families and seniors on fixed-incomes, the FMAP continuation would help them obtain crucial prescription medications at reduced costs.

Many Americans receiving state Medicaid benefits, including those in Northern California, rely on the assistance of skilled and understanding professionals like pharmacy technicians to assist with their medication needs. If you’ve been looking for rewarding career in a growing field, then consider a job as a Bay Area Pharmacy Technician.

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