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Student Holiday Gift Ideas

Unless you knocked out all your holiday shopping on Black Friday, chances are you still have a few “perfect gifts” to track down. But rather than let that take your focus away from the important things (like family and finals), we’ve put together a few creative ideas to help you along as you search for just the right present for that special Unitek College student.

  • A good book is the obvious gift idea, so we’ll get that out of the way first. If you ask a student what they want, chances are, this is the answer they’ll give. And hey, it’s versatile, easily wrapped, and you know for a fact that they won’t return it. But cold, hard cash can also be a bit impersonal, and doesn’t exactly qualify as creative.
  • Restaurant Gift Cards are a step up from cash. As any student can tell you, very few things are more appreciated than a great meal, and when you pay with a gift card, there’s no reason to feel guilty for the expense. These gift cards let you be a little more personal (choosing their favorite restaurant or fast food chain, for example), but if you want something a little more fun, read on.

If you’re shopping for a student in the Unitek College vocational nursing, pharmacy technician, dental assisting, or medical assisting programs, they might be interested in one of these:

  • A good book – Students (especially students in medical fields) have their noses in books all season long, so if you’re buying them another book, make sure it’s a good one. One we’ve come across recently is The Anatomist, which tells the story of the men behind Gray’s Anatomy (the book, not the TV show). It’s part memoir, part biography, and all “arrestingly beautiful” according to Publishers Weekly.
  • A good game – All those medical classes and lab hours can keep a student’s brain running at full throttle, but a good, engaging game can sometimes be just the ticket for unwinding. You’ll want something smart, something challenging, and something fun. And if you can tie it into their medical interests, even better. One such game is the best-seller Pandemic, which pits players against a virus.
  • A good memento – Some of the best gifts don’t serve any purpose other than reminding the receiver that someone cares about them-something they can set on a shelf and smile at as they grab their textbooks in the morning. For example, we got a kick out of the stuffed germs at GiantMicrobes.com. If you can think of something that says “Merry Christmas to our favorite nurse” more than a stuffed Common Cold wearing a Santa hat, we’re all ears!

If you’re shopping for a student in the Unitek College Information Technology program, here’s a few that caught our attention:

  • Clutter Organizers – Keeping that desk or work station tidy can be a bit of a chore sometimes, especially with so many wires and computer accessories snarling across the surface. So any gift that can help bring some order to the chaos will always be appreciated. Check out the U-Board on Amazon for example-not only does it organize, but it comes with USB ports, a smartphone slot, and even a cup holder!
  • Gadgets – are always a fun choice, and really, the sky is the limit. We’ve seen something called the iBell that turns your smartphone into an old fashioned alarm clock. A tiny desk refrigerator that plugs into your computer’s USB. A virtual reality viewer made out of cardboard. If you can dream it up, it’s probably out there. And if you need help hunting, the folks at ThinkGeek.com have some pretty great ideas.
  • Some binge-watching material – Sometimes the best way to unwind after class is to jump on the couch, grab the remote, and binge-watch a new favorite show. Again, the sky is the limit here, but if you want something that fits into the IT field, check out the British comedy The IT Crowd-a must-see for anyone who’s ever had to use the phrase “Did you try turning it off and on again?”

And of course, while you can’t wrap it, the greatest gift you can give your Unitek College student is the gift of encouragement. They’ve taken a huge leap towards a promising new career in some of the fastest growing career fields in America, and they’ve committed their time, money, talents, and energy to pursuing one of those new positions. So whether you find the “perfect” thing to put under the tree or not, be sure and give your Unitek College student a hug, a handshake, or just a smile. Let them know you’re proud of them. We know we sure are.